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1996 gsxr 600??

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  • 1996 gsxr 600??

    Hello, i have been looking at bikes and have come across what is written by the seller as a 96 gsxr 600. The all knowing wikipedia says they didnt start there new run after a break untill 97, yet google 96 gsxr 600 and there are plenty of results. Would it be a 97 or is wiki wrong? Also are they a ok first proper bike/ known issues. Thankyou.

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    Not sure about the years but I had a 99 GSXR 600 as my first bike and loved it! Never had any major problems, the cam chain is a pretty common one and once mine hit about 60000 I had to sink a couple of grand into it but had 6 years almost trouble free riding before that!


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      Could be a 97 model, plated in late 96?

      IMHO, the 600 class is an ideal "my first sports bike" - i've had a ball on mine.
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