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  • It's finally FINISHED

    A couple of you out there in PSB land know that I've been trying to get together, well let's just call it for a while, my new drag bike. It's finally finished and here are some photo's of it's first real hit out. All I can say is, What A BUZZ!

    Waiting for the fun to begin

    The fun part

    Waiting for the next run

    Ooops, big cherry to finish the night
    Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill

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    Nice work.

    What were your times like?


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      Mate, that is one sweet bike...

      Love the last shot with the flames comin outta the pipe

      You running in pro stock?


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        Great work, what make/model is it? Lots of trick gear there (loove the front rim!), how long did it take you (man hours??).
        222 Loctite doesn't taste too bad.


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          Saw your runs last night at the USA Jets. Awsome dude. Didn't know it was you. I should have wandered down to the pits to say G'day...


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            Fark! That looks wicked!

            At first I thought "where's the back wheel?"

            Very impressive looking work - congrats man, well done!
            I can't think what more you could possibly need to know... except maybe this:


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              that is a nice lookin bike bro...

              Looks fast and actually looks the part, unlike most drag bikes...

              interested to see what times you got???


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                Best time I did was 9.45, but we're still playing with it and sorting out gearing and clutch settings. I'm running in Modified Bike, Pro Stock is about $20k out of my budget .

                It's been a project that's been going for about 1.5yrs, I really couldn't tell you how many hours it's taken. The body is based on a late 80's model GSXR1100. I bought it as a rolling frame with wheels and body and had a lot of work done fitting the engine and electrics from my old bike.

                And yeah Courts, you shoulda come said hello Ah well, always next time. I'll be racing all the national open meets from now on.
                Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill


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                  Looks sweettttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
                  Wish I had one...
                  It might look like I'm doing nothing, but at the cellular level I'm really quite busy.


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                    Saw you running last night. Awesome work.
                    Go the GSXR1100 !!!! -well the engine at least.

                    My ears are still hurting from the jet cars.


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                      wild ride jaebee
                      do you have photos of the building prosses . would be good to see
                      Brett Lee


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                        Swish....very swish


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                          thats fuuulllly siiiiiiik mate

                          i gotta get down an see you run sometime


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                            GO THE GIXXER'S!


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                              mate, that looks awsome, congratulations man, its got it all over you old one!
                              i cant wait to come and take it for a spin!! seriously, it even looks fast sitting still, its very bling, i like it.
                              Did you have any major probs fitting the donk and for that matter finishing the engine? can you give up some engine specs?
                              i still havnt had my beast up the strip over here yet but im getting ready to go in the next week or so, my bike is at the shop getting the gearing done, im going 3 more teeth on the rear so i should be crossing the line in top gear, dont know if thats a good thing but i will soon find out, if its not ill just stick to 4 up on the rear and get a better clutch...wheelie bar...longer swing arm...bigger balls, yeh! you know how it goes!!
                              What are your thoughts on my gearing, is crossing the line in 6th a good thing with std gearbox ratio's?
                              well looks a treat mate, i hope you get it upto speed and running as you want it if it isnt already

                              oh! and ill be keeping that gearing for the street too, hehehehe...should be fun!

                              speak with you soon mate!