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  • The Official PSB Stickers

    Where can we get some PSB stickers?

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    I thought Causeway Honda where selling PSB stickers etc? I'm thinking back some time ago!

    But would run it past Deej first (copy right etc).


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      Assuming you get the go ahead from the PSB gods, and if you wanna make a crisper image rather than your hazy screen grab, the font is called Planet Kosmos. (I used this font quite extensively a couple of years ago when I was working as a graphic artist - before I had any knowledge of PSB. How bout that.) The font IS free for non-commercial use, btw - at least it was back then. Do a net search shouldn't be too hard to find.


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        Id Love a Psb sticker... i like the one of the motorcyclist doin the wheelie though, like the one on the parking sign at scarbs.... but again, i fully agree with all above posts about talkin to deej tha god... a law suit wouldnt look too good over a few stickers once u have the go ahead from deej, ill be in!! until then, i remain... out


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          pm maarken for the "wheelie dood" sticker
          A site all parents should check regulary



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            Kinda preferred the MAD/2005 Trackday Sticker Design

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              Originally posted by Halo_2@Jan 8 2006, 07:42 PM
              Kinda preferred the MAD Sticker Design

              god dam son... does every pic u post have to have boobs in it??
              good on ya porn king!!

              U da man


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                Erm, That pic was taken at the 2005 Trackday, not the mad ride....


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                  Originally posted by Halo_2@Jan 8 2006, 07:42 PM
                  Kinda preferred the MAD Sticker Design

                  Ummm Wot Sticker?
                  Feed 'em to the pigs, Errol....


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                    Wheelie dood stickers ?? Where ? I haven't got a clue what your on about
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                      yup gotta say i prefer the sticker from last years trackday too, how about a PM to DEEJ about them gettin another run?

                      when things are goin ahead for sure then i'll be in for a couple


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                        The Sticker on the Red R1 above is not a track day sticker or a MAD sticker it is Deej's own personal bike decals.
                        The MAD ride stickers were produced with his permission.
                        We do need another run of stickers but until this is run past Deej consider this thread closed.
                        I or another Mod will open it after we have spoken to Deej.
                        Stay tuned.


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                          Thanks guys. yes as Rooster said, the stickers on my old bike were prototypes of the PSB stickers. Prob is they worked out very expensive so you wont like the price.

                          I am getting a die cut version done to test it. if they work out these will be the official stickers and they should look sick.

                          Watch this space.... it wont be long.

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                            I did a search for psb sticky's and found an old thread that got closed but no answer....

                            anywhere i should look guys/gals ?

                            - Chris
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                              The demo ones were on trial a couple of weeks ago at the bikini wash..

                              I think they will be available very shortly.
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