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Motorbikes are dangerous

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  • Motorbikes are dangerous

    I think with the expansion of the forum some people need to read the words of the wise Deej.

    I am not a suck... these words have stuck with me since my very early days of riding, and subsequently joining PSB.

    Reading the forum tonight reminded me of this thread.

    I don't want to become a statistic. I have a family and a daughter. And I don't want to attend another one of your funerals.

    Take it easy out there people.


    the scrolls of Deejus
    HONDA! F#@ YER!

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    Very thinks it is good for someone to post something like this every now and then to remind people that there is a time and place for everything, I have seen my fair share of accidents and attended many funerals of close friends and have to see their families suffer for the rest of their lives...we are only mortal and are prone to this thing called severe injuries and death

    Take time to learn and respect your bikes and do not ride way beyond your limits...others may be really quick on bikes, but they have the experience behind them and the skill to do it with

    Although track days allow you to know your bikes better, the road is a different story all together, sand and oil are things that may appear on the road over night and may be dangerous even if you know the roads very well

    Be safe, esp with the number of people coming off these days

    Good on you Kieran for starting this thread!!
    It might look like I'm doing nothing, but at the cellular level I'm really quite busy.


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      in total agreence with kieran and 8ball , the scrolls of deej should be read by all.

      take care my friends
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        Good thread to raise again - nice to read the words of 'God'
        I can't think what more you could possibly need to know... except maybe this:


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          yup a timely thread dude, i want to be able to get the time and meet EVERYONE thats on here aswell as all the future members

          as 'chris' posted in there, perhaps this should be a sticky, the stat's (as obvious as they were) are correct unfortunately, just perhaps lock it so's it doesnt become a place for new replies


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            Back in the days when a well written thread didnt blow out to 20 pages of band wagon jumpers!

            You cant mess up that which you were born to do.
            Pain is just weakness leaving the body.


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              Hmmm...what a shame...a good thread like this gets shoved away so quickly... <_<
              It might look like I'm doing nothing, but at the cellular level I'm really quite busy.


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                THats a keeper... definitely going in the pool room...

                This should be put in a more public place I feel... As in for some reason, I get the feeling that people look at riders as careless, risk-takers and emotionless beings who are not concerned about others and the law... I for one know that this isn&#39;t true but if people could such words as set out by Deej I think that it would go, in some part, helping other road users to understanding why we ride bikes...

                I for one will show this to my family and it may help them to realise why I ride and how I do it... At the moment, so many just don&#39;t understand this whole way of life... Which I think, is a real shame...


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                  never knew that was there thanks for showing us newer to the forum its a great read and everyone should view this....

                  altho with all the topics on lanespliting is the master still going to be endorsing this??? me thinks yes as a fine is a kick in the pants compared to a serious back injury or worse....

                  EVERYONE READ THE LINK ABOVE!! ^^^^


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                    No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.


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                      GReat read, respect given to GOD... all so very true...
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                        So very true, what we take for granted when we put the leg over our babies.


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                          Damn... 2003! That 2c has got to be worth 2.5c by now!

                          So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                            Originally posted by Deej@Jan 12 2006, 01:20 AM
                            Damn... 2003!  That 2c has got to be worth 2.5c by now!
                            Yeah - it&#39;s been rounded up to 5c, Deej, otherwise it is rounded down to $0.00 and then worth nothing
                            I can't think what more you could possibly need to know... except maybe this:


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                              it&#39;s nothing we all shouldn&#39;t already know, but valid points we should constanly be reminded of as we all get complacent at times.

                              when new members sign up, they should have to read that before being allowed in or have that sent to their e-mail with verification of their password.

                              cheers for taking the time to put those thoughts up DeeJ, even if it was 3 yrs ago... obviously care for the safety of others as much your own...
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