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  • Head injury/Helmet data chat

    I've been meaning to have a chat with anyone who is interested in the dynamics of head injuries sustained with motorcycle use and the flimsy bubbles of esky material that we try and protect those same heads with.

    I'm hoping to do it after the safety discussion thing at the Captain Stirling on Sat 14th between 5-6pm. Feel free to come late or leave early if you have other arrangements, or just get bored.

    I'll basically go through

    Brain/head anatomy.
    What effect impact has on our noggins?
    What effect acceleration/deceleration has on our noggins?
    What effect penetration has on our noggins?
    What materials helmets are made of?
    What design considerations manufacturers take into account?
    What is tested in each standard available in Australia?

    And anything else people ask that I have any idea about.

    I'm also fine if no one wants to know this crap. I've just bought outright dangerous or just shit overpriced lids all my life and don't want people to make the same mistakes I have. I also have a lot of very bright mates who can ride much better than me that are completely devoid of any real knowledge about helmets.

    If anyone is keen I’ll be there, if no one is keen that’s cool, I’ll just drink some beer

    I thought i'd say that the boys you buy helmets off do point you in the right direction, i've never heard of any of any of them trying to sell people a dud. I'd be really happy if any of them can make it along, their industry knowledge would be great, they especially would know if any of the lids have faults that would cause customers to be unhappy with them.
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