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  • non-matching helmet

    Hey all.. I just need some opinions on helmet colour.. If I ride a yellow/black k5 gsxr and wear a nakano replica (red) helmet would i look like a compete wank? i want to buy a new helmet but not sure what colour.

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    if i was a fashionista i would say yes it would look a bit crap.

    bit like a bumble bee, with a red helmet like u see in the cartoons!
    best sticking with a black/ silver helmet i would say, just a girls opinion, but then we girls like our shoes to match our handbags

    pick whichever one takes ur fancy and bollocks to co-ordination!


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      shoei - camber TC3 would look great!


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        Im just a big Arai fan... its either the nakano rep, the plain yellow (which i already have but its 5 yrs old) or the suomy extreme flowers which is gold (looks amazing).


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          Shark also do a nice black/yellow/silver, plus it's real easy to change the screen's on them
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            My GixxaH is red, silver and black. My 2 shoei's do no match my bike at all, they are bright and in your face kinda lids.

            I have them cause thats what I like. Were what you want, does it matter if it aint fashion tunes together...


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              ask to go sit on your bike with your gear on wearing it.
              take a photo or something , if you think you look like a dick dont buy it.
              if you think it looks cool buy it

              id go more ofr comfort than color as well.
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                I ride a blood orange (ford colour) bike, and by pure chance scored this jacket off ebay for US $164.... an absolute steal but I look like i'm straight out of kill bill, and if i get another bike other than black or orange i'll look like a right twat...

                My advice, (with my best "black eye for the queer guy" accent) stick with neutral colours, ie. gloss black, matt black, satin black or any other shade of black you can think of.

                Plus if you have a fat head like yours truly, it can also be quite slimming

                My 2c
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                  Get matching gloves - it will be sweet
                  I can't think what more you could possibly need to know... except maybe this:


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                    I was getting a matte black bike and bought a metalic grey helmet...

                    I've changed my mind and am getting a red bike now... meh.

                    Take jen's advice - buy a matching handbag instead


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                      I never look at the persons helmet , too busy preving at the bike they are on.

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                        You&#39;re more likey to change your bike than your helmet, so unless you decide to get the same colour bike forever, just get the helmet you like.

                        Unless you want to do what my friend did, he resprayed his GS1200 to suit the colour of his new Givi box!


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                          Okay i ride a green beastie and my helmet is Red (red/black/silver HJC) but my boots are red, and my gloves are red/black.

                          About the only thing I&#39;m gonna do is get a new jacket with red on it.

                          I just tied the red to the bike by getting red brake/clutch lines and red anodized pre-load adjustors and clutch/brake resevoir covers.

                          To be honest if you like the colour ....who cares.
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                            helmets are a very personal choice and not to many peps colour match
                            including most racers.

                            so i reckon you buy a lid that you like and most importantly fits and don&#39;t worry bout the colour match unless your a trendy pretty that has to match everything
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                              This helmet has jumped to the top of my list.... it wont match the bike but i reckon it looks the business....