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The Future of Sportsbikes

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  • The Future of Sportsbikes

    So I was thinking about this when looking at the Honda concept sports bike thread. What do people think we'll be seeing in future sportsbikes? The obvious ones will be more power, less weight. But we're starting to see that this doesn't have the greatest returns. You can only put so much power through a single tyre and a vehicle so light.

    So I think manafacturers are going to start needing to take advantage of this power surplus and invent ways of making motorcycles more fun, more safe and able to put the power through to the ground more easily. Here are some of my thoughts:

    ABS: when you lock the brakes on a bike unexpectedly you almost always go down, this would be a great one

    Traction Control / Brake distribution: done rightly they can definitely help you in sticky situations and even give you more confidence

    These are already currently available on more luxurious bikes, here are some more crazy ideas:

    Electronically adjustable suspension: nailing the throttle and you don't want the front to lift off so much? suspension tucks in so it doesn't happen

    Dynamic wind profile: Need to stop suddenly? What if your fairings could increase in size to incrase your drag coefficient?

    Rider placement: So engines are smaller and more powerful, what if we could use this to place the rider much lower to the ground? Perhaps place some of the chassis around the rider? Lower center of gravity would make us much faster.

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    I suspect there'll be a lot of work on aerodynamics..................improved performance via slippery profiles.

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      Something like the TRON lightcycle. Or perhaps those hover-scooter thingos that the Stormtroopers in Star Wars use.


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        More work on aerodynamics I agree with. Lighter weight as well, hybrid (petrol/electric), electric water pumps, displacement on demand, ceramic brake discs. Maybe "optical" ABS that works like a optical mouse and measures the speed of the bike on the road surface instead of from wheels themselves?

        Manufacturers have a lot of work to do on emissions controls too so I would guess a lot of effort will go into making them run more efficiently so they can get rid of the catylitic converter.

        I think bikes will vary much more for their intended use - i.e. low centre of gravity etc might help a touring bike but it doesn't help for a sports bike. You'd have to think that weight saving measures would spread to touring and cruiser bikes too. In this day and age a Harley that weighs over 300kg is just a joke - what's the good of it?

        On the issue of sports bikes it's interesting to see how technology has sometimes been introduced and then disappeared in grand prix. Wishbone front ends instead of forks, petrol tanks under the engine etc.


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            two wheel drive

            Where are the turbo bikes, where are the electric bikes, where is the modern take on hub steering, rear steering, advanced fluid couplings for drives, fly by wire controls, full traction control, datalogging as standard, active lights, intelligent ignitions, front wheel drive, cheap composite fabrication.....
            ok excluding this bastard



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              A while back (ok 15 years ago) I remember seeing in a Wheels magazine I think, some concept bikes and car wheels which had some sort of funky hubless design. Ie the drive and braking was all carried out using the rim of the wheel - there were no hubs.

              You can add that to your future list of things.


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                Hydrogen fuelled turbines.
                Electromagnetic regenative braking.
                GPS linked auto pilot.
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                  Better fuel economy
                  Lower emmisions
                  cheaper replacement parts
                  GPS speed tracking system linked to your bank account
                  Speed limiter which can't be bypassed
                  GPS linked ignition kill system, for security and Police remote shutdown for people who like to test their luck running from police
                  Better designs and more models available to larger/taller folk which are not cruisers or tourers.
                  Power to weight ratio limits for riders

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                    i.e. low centre of gravity etc might help a touring bike but it doesn't help for a sports bike.
                    erm...yes it does...

                    I'd say we will see mostly styling changes, further reduction to unsprung mass, more bikes that use the engine as a structural member (maybe even fairings or tank at some point)
                    more fuel injected bikes. perhaps some smaller engined turbo bikes (as equivalent to bigger capacity bikes) more diesel/hybrid bikes.
                    possibly moves to lower the entire bike (to reduce the effect of crosswinds)
                    perhaps a refining of casting and welding techniques? more advanced use of materials (as evident in the latest field of bikes with titanium mufflers as stock)
                    I wonder if the factories will get thier act together and provide more "optional" goodies like with cars....(surely they must see the aftermarket scene as a huge potential cash cow)

                    I also think we'll see a bunch of new scooter/bike style hybrids that are green, funky and with all the functions a new modern age yuppie could want (like a place to charge your mobile phone, or store your briefcase....built in GPS)

                    edit: maybe autopilot for cages
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                      Something like the TRON lightcycle. Or perhaps those hover-scooter thingos that the Stormtroopers in Star Wars use.
                      Now that would be cool.
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                        more lasers



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                          I reckon the next big thing will be 2 wheel drive bikes. Yamaha already have trialed it on dirt bikes, and it's only a matter of time before it hits the road.

                          The system gets rid of many traction issues, and the next step from there is a stability control system, to keep the wheels from sliding out from under you. So suddenly you can have a 200hp bike without having to worry about the back end stepping out exiting corners and highsiding you.
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                            ABS: when you lock the brakes on a bike unexpectedly you almost always go down, this would be a great one

                            i got this already.......... the pulsating effect that my slightly warped disc brakes give me.... oh yeah baby...

                            interesting topic actually makes me think what the future will hold... hrrrmmmm genetically engineered at birth future GPmoto Riders... as if..

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                              I agree with Sathid. In the engine department I think that we will see smaller capacity engines but with supercharging and turbocharging to help increase power levels. Primarily I think it would be done to reduce engine weight but it could also help with fuel economy. You could have a 400cc engine and potter around town under natural aspiration saving fuel but then force some air in when you need the extra power. Car and more recently scooter manufacturers have been applying turbos to small capacity engines and I think perhaps we may see this on everyday sportsbikes.
                              In the seemingly endless search for more power and less weight - I think they will be forced to start thinking of SCs an TCs.
                              Spiral out, keep going...