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    Pardon me if this is in the wrong part of the forum,

    I have done a search and got back a big fat 0 results. But ive recently got my learners and need to get some gear (helmet, gloves, jacket etc..) but am after a shop to have a browse throught thats localish to me (freo way).

    I know of the ones up north or down rocko way but can anyone please recommend one that has a decent selection close to me if you can?

    I tried the yellow pages but mainly turned up repair and machine shops. Or dealers.

    Thanks for your time,

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    Closest to you would be 5 star yamaha in hamilton hill. (I think)

    Otherwise trek over to the shops in Vic Park and pay Causeway Yamaha and other shops there a visit.


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      Near Freo there is only 5Star Yamaha, Prestige Honda in Melville,and a small bike shop just up the road from BP in Freo just before Canning Hwy starts
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        There is Clem Nunn, Albany Hwy, Kenwick - South of River but not too close to Freo - he is open on Sundays however
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          Originally posted by TurboR1@Jan 13 2006, 12:08 PM
          Prestige Honda in Melville
          Oh yeah. Them too.


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            I've found Prestige Honda good to deal with re advice and price. Got a great deal on a set of GP Pro gloves and the two parts guys are helpful.


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              yup Prestige Honda are practically in freo', probably the closest by far


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                Bit of a drive but Total Motorcycle Accessories in Vic Park ?,good selection.
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                  i know someone that works at 5star is agood bloke nfi bout the shop but its close
                  seems good to me
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                    Scribble. Go see Jason or Andy at Prestige.
                    They'll look after you.

                    And Depending what you are after, if its Motard or Pocket bikes, dont forget ATV Extreme in O'conner. Top Blokes.


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                      Originally posted by Rooster@Jan 14 2006, 04:00 AM
                      And Depending what you are after, if its Motard or Pocket bikes, dont forget ATV Extreme in O'conner. Top Blokes.
                      I can definetly second that, Top blokes over at ATV, gave me a great price on a new chain and sproket. They are more that happy to sit down and chat about anything bike related, theres no sales pitches, just bloody brilliant helpfull advice. And they can usually order in anything you want at a very competative price