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2006 Track Day Bike Carrying

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  • 2006 Track Day Bike Carrying

    Hey ppl,

    Just wondering what is the best way to get the bikes up there, I work for a Car yard so i can get utes, or big ass landcruisers to tow bike trailers.. whats the best way to cart bikes ??

    2ndly if trailers are easiest, then anyone know where i can hire or borrow a bike trailer from ?



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    how much gear u brining ?

    if u want to bring shit loads of stuf .. stands, fuel etc

    then take the 4x4 and grab a nice 7x5 or tandum from kennards ... or some such like that ..

    my 2c
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      Ute should do it, might have trouble closing the rear tailgate though and then using the rest of the loadbed to carry the other gear in.

      4x4 and trailer is good, trailer should be lower to get the bike into. And you should be able to carry your gear in comfort in the cabin of the 4x4.

      Your choice, each way has pros and cons, of course if you have to hire a trailer then i would just get a ute.