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buying gear over net??

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  • buying gear over net??

    this may be opening an old can of worms(i did do some searching but came up trumps).....ive read in a few threads a lot of psbers have purchased riding gear over the net, ex usa and saved a i have a few of questions

    1..anyone had a bad experience buying gear this way?

    2..whats the best way to size yaself up?

    3..whats the best (safest) shipping option, and about how long to get here?

    4..buying leather, is it better to go a little bigger than textile or just get spot on fit?

    thanx in advance for any help, advice peeps can offer me.......

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    1. Always pay with paypal get your money back if something goes wrong

    2. Go into a store and try the product on 1st

    3. USPS Global express - comes with a tracking number and unlike UPS ect you can usually get through customs without paying taxes

    4. Whatever feels comfortable


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      Hey Duke,

      I've bought pretty much everything for my bike over the net from the US so far. Everything was great up until last week, most stuff has been at my door within a week and a half and with significant $$ savings.

      I made the mistake of ordering a bunch of stuff in one hit totalling more than AUD$1000. Instead of just picking it up, it turns out I had to stuff around at customs house then had to see a customs broker ($70). Also ended up paying duty and GST on a couple of the items which came to another couple of hundred bucks.

      It wasn't devastating because even with all these unexpected extras I still saved a bunch. Just keep your orders under a grand and save yourself some cash and time.


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        I'v bought quite a bit of bike stuff over the net also and the only bad news story I have was with store. Sent the wrong item, returned it, yet still waiting for a refund (3 years later).

        I usually ask for items to be send plain old air mail, this way it usually slips thru the customs duty net.

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          1. No bad experiences. Always used paypal. The registration process is a pain, but it's worth it in the long run.

          2. Go to a store and try the product on, but if you're like me and have a conscience, make sure to purchase at least *something* from the store ($15 can of polish, something which isn't much cheaper off internet, whatever). It really is pretty unethical to use that fitting service and not give them any business at all before going to buy it off the internet.

          3. USPS (United States Postal Service) airmail - never had a drama. Anything from 1-2 weeks usually from the day it leaves the seller. Used seamail (6-12 weeks) when things haven't been urgent, saved $US30 or $40 but you have to wait longer, and then if things aren't right. I had one thing shipped UPS (United Parcel Service - it's a courier thing like Fedex). It's list price was A$400 and I ended up having to pay customs, duty, GST etc - $700 at the end of it! Moral: Don't go UPS!!!

          4. Get the right fit that feels comfortable. Remember though, with leather, something a little bigger will fit on someone a little smaller, but the vice-veras ain't so. Err on the side of too big if unsure!


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            I have used for boots and other apparel. They have a sizing table on their website so you van do the UK/US/Euro conversion (with boots etc)


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              I've used it numerous times, and I would say only ever pay using PAYPAL, just got money back from a bad deal, which leads to the next thing.

              In over 600 purchases via ebay I've had two failures.

              1. was paid and never received items - that's why the PAYPAL refund.

              2. Got sent the wrong item, but the guy did send a replacement, and I still have the other bit he sent, so am gonna sell it and recoup some money.

              Go and try some jackets etc on in the bike shops, get not only the OZ sizing but the actual measurements, then you'll know if you want the exact size or a tad bigger.
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                Have bought heaps of things via ebay, sent fedex, usps, ups and ems. Never once had a problem. Paypal for sure, easier for everyone. Check store ratings, most of the places i have bought from fill in the contents section on the delivery slip as gift, good customs dodger, never had to pay duties.


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                  got a few things from the US via ebay, paid via paypal, shipped by whatever means the store offered with/without tracking/insurance etc. got all items within 2 weeks, saved some $$ no problems. be wary that e-store will try to rip you off on shipping and handling but still better off than buying locally. if you do your research some e-store will do price matching if you provide details and url of the competitor.