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Banning lane splitting

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  • Banning lane splitting


    The proposed new law to ban lane splitting will massively affect us all.

    Don't let it happen, leave you comments with the NTC from the link bellow.
    You need to register to log on, but don't let it slip by, there is no way I'm sitting in traffic like avery other monkey!

    This is what I left;

    Regarding the proposed new laws on "lane splitting". Motorcycles are a very effective and efficient city/urban mode of transport. They use less space, less fuel, produce less emissions and reduce congestion and travel times in comparison to cars. If these proposed laws are introduced they will force motorcyclists to sit in traffic like any other vehicle, making them completely redundant as an alternative form of transport to the car.
    If safety is the real issue, there are adequate laws in place to prevent dangerous behavior on the road. Lane splitting is permitted and policed safely and effectively in many other countries without having to resort to a blanket ban.
    I have been a motorcyclist for many years and for me, being able to avoid traffic is a significant incentive to continue to ride rather than drive a 5 seater car with just one occupant.
    The majority of road accidents happen at low speed at junctions. They do not occur in stationary traffic.
    This government should be promoting efficient congestion friendly forms of transport, not introducing more laws that will increase congestion and frustration for motorists."

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    Isnt this already in effect?
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      Who fucking cares?
      I am the old bloke on the black and yellow cbr1krr


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        Originally posted by hokoyo@Jan 16 2006, 03:50 PM
        Who fucking cares?

        You will when you go to duck up between a line of traffic and get zinged $250 and 3 points! N ice attitude


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          theres also an artical in this months motorcycle news with tips on how to protest...


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            What I want to know is are the same harsh penalties going to apply to cages who linesplit bikes(and cyclists) who are turning left or right?
            You put the c*nt in country run


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              Michelle Roberts is a contender for Premier, she is a lane splitting nazi. pig
              And for all the Michelle Roberts fans out there, ROT
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                Originally posted by Cbr1k@Jan 16 2006, 05:52 PM
                What I want to know is are the same harsh penalties going to apply to cages who linesplit bikes(and cyclists) who are turning left or right?
                That would be interesting. I used to ride a pushbike a lot, but I can't get over how inconsiderate drivers are! They brush past even when there's no one in the next lane.

                Lazy selfish bastards!


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                  The way the amendment to the Road Rules is written, it's entirely plausible for a (cop) cage to fly past a bike, and the bike wear the penalty. The wording of the law means it only applies to motorcycles travelling past the edge of a vehicle (in either direction I take it) that is moving, or stationary (parked cars don't count).


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                    Pull your fingers out! Register as Gareth suggests...log in...copy and paste the link Gareth posted and make a comment. It is bad law. You can also read the other comments posted.


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                      my 2 cents worth on this ...

                      Item 4.34 Riding a motor bike alongside a vehicle
                      The proposed changes to the road rules in relation to "lane splitting" seemed to be based on a desire to remove one of the many advantages of owning or using one in the first place.

                      This proposed rule notes "It is intended to impose the same behaviour on motor bike riders" Is it the case that legal lane splitting is dangerous? Where does the comments "(an inherently dangerous practice)" originate. Is this writers opinion or from a case study of accidents caused by "lane splitting"?

                      Motorcycle riders are certainly more attentive than the average motorist. They have to be. They pay the price of the increased risk of harm, due to lack of steel surround but why do so many choose a motor cycle as a form of regular transport. Cost, freedom, fresh air, and very possibly the benefit in heavy traffic.

                      To regulate safe lane splitting would achieve the following:
                      (a) Motorcyclists would be subject to more toxic fumes whilst sitting behind stationary vehicles
                      ( Motorcycles would add to congestion and length of queues. (Bear in mind many stationary motorcyclists maintain a lengthy distance from the vehicle in front to avoid fumes, see above and provide safety buffer zone in case of rear collision)
                      © Traffic flow would be decreased since the additional vehicle in the queue would add to congestion.
                      (d) The danger of a rear end collission is more worrysome to many motorcyclists than a low speed collission with a vehicle whilst lane splitting.

                      In this case, the decision makers, may not appreciate the benefits of motorcycling,or may not appreciate the benefits to the environment, energy consumption or traffic congestion & so on. If the percentage of motorcycle users increased, the obvious traffic benefits would ensue. Conversely, as legislation removes the simple freedoms or benefits which motorcycles, sadly less of such vehicles would exist on the road.
                      This new rule would be a popular rule for the narrow minded envious motorist. Im sure everyone has had experience of the " why cant you wait your turn"? or "I dont want you in front of me" type thinking is clearly obvious.
                      Look at legislation in other countries and see if we are breaking new ground or going backwards. Australia should be a progressive thinking nation, not a backwards one!

                      Steven D Kirk
                      Motorcyclist who safely uses lane splitting to remain safe!


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                        Added my bit ... even though I don't own a bike at the moment ... when I do I still want to have the freedom to lane split if I choose.

                        There is an article in the current Motor magazine about lane splitting ... gives those motorists that cut us off while lane splitting a good old fashion serving and praises those who make space for bikes it's a good read.


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                          Is this what you were referring to?

                          Search is your friend
                          I am the old bloke on the black and yellow cbr1krr


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                            Originally posted by hokoyo@Jan 17 2006, 08:08 AM
                            Is this what you were referring to?

                            Search is your friend
                            Why did I need to search for that? ... I wan't referring to that post only to the mag article ... I was just making a comment in relation to the topic at hand but thanks ... that's what I was talking about ... I hadn't read that post.


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                              My response

                              Originally posted by goofy@Jan 17 2006, 06:13 PM

                              With regards to the Reform Banning the practice of "Lane Splitting" By Motorcyclists.

                              I, as many other people in this country, ride a motorcycle and for years I have safely practiced lane splitting and lane filtering without incident. I believe that the proposed laws to ban lane splitting will be detrimental to the motorcycling public. The Majority of motorcycling groups throughout Australia have labelled this law as ridiculous.

                              It is also very doubtful that the proposed law will be heeded by the majority of motorcyclists with many believing (myself included) that it is much safer to filter to the front of the traffic rather than waiting in line to be rear ended by an inattentive driver. Isn't it a foundation of the Westminster system of law that if a law is not followed by the majority then it is no longer relevant and must be changed? Shouldn't therefore this proposal be sidelined before the law comes into effect?

                              Lane splitting is Legal in many other parts of the world, the United State of Texas was the most recent to actively include the practice of Lanesplitting in one of it's latest ammendments to it's road traffic act. Surely Australia can look at the laws in other parts of the world to see what is working there and what is not.