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  • PAnts across Australia

    Ok guys and gals heres the deal, Anyone thats listening to tripple j at the moment wiould of heard about "pants across australia" basicaly terry and ross do a midday host for a fortnight and ross decided that he would try and get a few pairs of his pants, "circulated around australia". You can read more about the general info here

    Anyway Ross is a pretty keen motorbike rider and was chatting about his draggins the other day and everything. Right now there is one pair of pants in Porth Headland and they are looking for people to bring them down to perth. I think it would be a great to try and get a PSB sticker on the pants when they get here. They will let everyone know when the pants will be "handed over" to the next people who will take somewher further down south i presume. So we need to get someone to the "handing over of the pants" to convince them to put a psb sticker on, the big prob being that they organise times sometime on the day during thier program and WA has a two hour delay. Tripple j streams accros the web and im sure theres plenty of Cbd workers who listen to the j's online.

    They are still tossing up where the pants and up but one sujestion was the hard rock cafe' And im sure Ross mite even metion the PSB sticker on national radio, can we realy pass that up

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    Sounds like a good idea. A little bit of exposure would be nice.
    How about a PSB "MAD" sticker instead?


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      Oh Oh Oh.. my best pal is heading down on Saturday... from Hedland.!!

      PM me if you want me to something.


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        Wish this had of been posted last night!!! Just flu back from hedland this morning!!!

        Nice place to visit (eh maybe not). Better place to leave!
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          Get them embroidered.


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            Originally posted by cowasaki@Jan 16 2006, 08:07 PM
            Oh Oh Oh.. my best pal is heading down on Saturday... from Hedland.!!*

            PM me if you want me to something.

            Unfortunetly the pants have to be back in Sydney by frinday otherwize that would of been great

            Embroidered also sounds the way to go, is thier a Psb jacket patch in existance??