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  • For the 2Fiddy riders

    MODS: please feel free to move this somewhere more appropriate or remove if already discussed somewhere else.

    2Fiddy Riders:

    Having not been on the forum for some time it's great to see a hell of a lot more new riders getting their two fiftys. And along with that I see alot of discussion on rider training and slower country rides more suited.

    This as a whole is a great thing. Obviously the more training one does the better, and in my opinion, a track day will do you absolute wonders. I know I enjoyed last years PSB one

    Ultimately though I found I learnt the most on country runs. The idea of 2fiddy rides only is good, however, riding with the bigger bikes is a big learning curve. Some of those guys have been riding for a long time and you can learn a heap from watching them. Just ride within your own limits and that of the bikes. Feel comfortable. On every ride there is checkpoints as such and the guys will wait for you if they've decided to set a decent pace. Don't fee that you have to stay with them (coz you won't).

    Really that's it. Get out there and have fun ultimately. Just don't be afraid to give it a go, but stay comfortable, don't be a hero.
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    feel the same. i learnt a lot on the wednesday night rides especially when i got caught up the front and had to go hard or get run into. the 250 rides are good for a cruise, but the big bike rides teach you about how to keep up your corner speeds so you dont fall too far behind on the straights.



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      Originally posted by woody@Jan 19 2006, 03:07 PM
      when i got caught up the front and had to go hard or get run into.
      and unfortunately this is how accidents happen, or another example some twat at the back decides to overtake all the bikes at a decent pace only to realise we've all got our flickers on turning right (came close to cleaning some people up!) and was at night so not hard to see those orange flashy things.

      not saying dont do it just be careful who you ride with and if you dont know them hang at the back, its alot safer

      end rant
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        One other thing id like to add having come off a 250 not long ago is that although it may feel like theyre fast they arent really. bear that in mind when overtaking a zx10 coming out of a corner.
        Bar rgv 250's, which apparently have a bitta go in em.


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          Nice post there Simmo. Listen and learn Kiddies.


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            Originally posted by kyle@Jan 20 2006, 11:30 PM
            Bar rgv 250's, which apparently have a bitta go in em.


            When my bike is running it does have go, especially round the twisty stuff...
            doesn't mean to say that I try and keep up with the big bikes as for most of the other 2fiddy's... Most of us have a fair idea that we pretty have fuck all at the moment in regards to top-end speed so we stay out of the big fella's/ladies ways... I know I do at least.....

            Cheers Simmo as it is good just to watch some of the fella's/ladies, their lines etc on some of the runs cause it does help...