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Monster - pillion handles/bars

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  • Monster - pillion handles/bars

    I saw one of the monsters at the Italian night had a gear rack attached to it.

    Does anyone know who does accessories locally (or OS I guess)? Specifically, I'm after a better set of handles for the pillion.

    Word is that the monsters aren't great for pillions but I'm after something better than the grab rails under the seat and also trying to reduce the amount that they will have to lean forward if they were to hold on to me.

    I thought a rear handle set would be the most comfortable.


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    There's a company called Road Racing that make stacks of parts for the Monsters. Europe is a good place to look. There's a company in Melbourne called Road Rocket that has links to a few of those accessory manufacturers, as to Casoli and Spareshack.

    An alternative that's a bit left of field is some of those "love handle" things that you put over your jacket that the passenger can grab onto. It's like two loops of webbing that go around your middle and has handles on the sides.

    Having said that, I would think the main problem with the monster is how the passenger seat slopes down towards the rear of the bike. Could lead to unwanted "slide back" when you are accelerating (don't put slippery stuff on that seat either!).

    A low profile rack on the back with a pad on the top rail would give some feeling of security for a passenger.


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      Ventura Racks make a rack for most makes & models. I think you can remove the rack and fit a small grab handle on some / all models maybe as an optional extra.
      I got one from Vee Two in Malaga for my dads BMW
      As I am not really computer literate and cannot do the link thingy I cut and pasted the Ventura website below
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        I've heard you can get detachable grab rails to fit most bikes but i got no idea where to get them from so i'm not really much help to you
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          Why not ask a Ducati dealer what after market parts there are that suit the bike...

          They might already made something.


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            I think its the fact the pillon seat has barely any padding that makes it so uncomfy (well that was when i pilloned one)


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              Originally posted by MeLLe@Jan 21 2006, 10:24 AM
              Why not ask a Ducati dealer what after market parts there are that suit the bike...

              They might already made something.
              Is that a plug?

              I'll be sure to speak to the boy when it comes, just trying to do some extra research.

              Congrats on the R class too


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                I've got the ventura system for mine, I have a Bag rack and a "Sports Rack" when just having a pillion, I think it is pretty mutch a necesity on a monster, my wife used to ride a lot on the monster. Even to Albany. A sheepskin helps on long trips.

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