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2005 CBR600rr exhaust recommendations

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  • 2005 CBR600rr exhaust recommendations

    2005 CBR600rr in the midst of a service, new tyres... and i really want to keep going. Im attempting to source Power Commander III Usb over the net and i want to do it all in one big hit.
    New Pipe, PCIII USB, and then a Dyno Tune.

    But i have absolutley no idea which way to go with the pipe.
    All i have decided so far is that im going with a slip-on. I am liking what i have seen/heard about the Micron's, because they seem to fit better than most but... i have yet to see any thing in flesh yet except Yoshi's.

    Your advise/perspective and pic's would be greatly appreciated.

    I have found power commanders on the net at for $279 US, they quoted me $60US to ship to WA.
    Is that normal, I have no idea what reasonable shipping costs are?

    So if anyone has any suggestions as far as pipes, where to get'em and or PCIII Price and Shipping Costs...

    All pic's and advise would be appreciated.

    peace and love

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    i have also researched pipes, and found what i think is the best..

    the arata slip on... delievers really good power, even better once u have a pc111 and tuned... its an expensive pipe, but a mate of mine just got one and said it sounds unreal and has very good power output..


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      Hudo's Can

      Devil pipe sounds good but IMHO u gotta get a fender eliminator too, cleans up your tail and looks SAF (slick as f@@k).


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        maybe try speaking to simon about the pcIII

        details are here

        $60 is way too much for shipping. most I ever paid was $45 for a set of calipers. (surely they must weigh more than a pcIII)
        that was airmail
        No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.


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          Should be able to get the PC3 a little cheaper too! and shipping would be $32 US i think