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  • leaking tyre...

    Just wondering what can be done about a leaking tyre.....

    not sure what happened but i think my front tyre is losing pressure.. going ot monitor over the next few days but doesn't look good.

    will it be as simple as getting people to put on a new tube (i assume its like all other tyres).


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    Unless your bike has spoked rims its unlikely it has a tube. Tubes usally go down straight way anway. Put a bit of soapy water across the valve and see if it blows bubbles the schroder valves do sometimes die. Check the entier wheel carefully you may have a nail in it, don't pull the nail out if you find one its probally plugging the hole. Depending on how old the tyre is and where the nail is you could consider getting it plugged....... ooh contreversal.

    Some tyre shops won't do this for public liablity reasons fair enough and some tyres won't take to as the use of Silica and other artifical rubbers in modern tyres means the self vulcanising plugs won't take to the rubber. I have had reasonble sucess with plugs but I would recommend it for the eastern creek six hour or similar event. In the higher speed rated tyres this will actually reduce thier rating

    If its in the side wall or the tyre is pretty well shagged anyway new tyre time.
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      man u know alot ahha

      hmmm its a fairly new tyre (mebbe about 1000km on them if that)... hmm will check tomorrow during the day whether there are any punctures etc.. hmmm.



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        If you cant find anything in the tyre and the valve is ok, there are a number of tyre fillers/ extenders and products on the market that will fix small holes and porousity in the tyre. i have used 2 such products which have worked really well.1. Ultraseal and 2. Liquid Patch.
        The Ultraseal i trailed with Aust Post and had fantastic results.
        The Liquid Patch iin use on one of my own bikes. in the rear and have had it up to 200+ with no problems as it stays fluid untill it hits the outside air. I had 2 very small holes from 2mm brads and it has sealed them up a treat.
        I did try out some ultraseal on a friends VFR 750 in the front and it did the trick. bike prefectly stable with no feel problems at all. he rides in the 160+ bracket for quite a bit


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          cool thanks.. if i have minor leaks.. will look out for these products..

          **edit** what I should have asked was.. where can i get these products and how much


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            If the tyre is old and getting run down I would say replace it, 250 aint that expensive. The front tyre on the GSXF cost me about $100 fitted.

            If it is a slow leak from a puncher some shops can plug it for you at a cost if you don't want to take to the tyre with a kit yourself.

            Keep an eye on it, get a pressure guage if you don't have one, cause the servo ones are never correct (The shell I was working at was always 2 PSI up or down).

            *edit* just re read it as a new tyre, if it is leaking and yoou can't see a nail or puncture, take it back and ask as many questions as you can


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              checked tyre again.. couldnt' find any nails or significant damage which would cause a leak..

              doesn't seem to be leaking from the tube.. but not 100% sure...

              ah wells.. will give the shop a call tomorrow i spose


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                Resealer is now available

                Ultraseal is now WA..

                'I liked the product so much I bought the company'

                No, seriously I have the Ulraseal product now in WA..

                I have suffered a few flats etc in my riding career and wanted my 2 bikes protected,, I have total peace of mind now.

                Contact me to see how you can also be protected...
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                  submerged the whole front tyre in a larger bucket of water.... nah check for stones etc around the wall, i had a small puncture from a nail once upon a time on the scooter and some black silicone holds it air tight to this day (~1 year later).


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                    i have a pilot sports which picked up a rivet and piece of glass. dam things gets so sticky i would not be suprised if i found a small rabbit in there!
                    i have a very slow leak where i might put in a psi or two every 2 weeks so ive just left it. like yourself i wasnt sure of all options, just wasnt keen on giving up a near new pilot for a pin hole.

                    might have to look into pumpers page for price


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                      I dunno if pumper can answer this but most of these products are some kind of liquid which is all well and good until you go to change the tyre on you tubeless rims and the snot goes everywhere possibly not the best idea if you get your tyres changed regularly. Or it will harden on contact with the atmosphere. In tubes I can see these products would be a definate advantage but needs some careful though before diving in me thinks.
                      Harvey community radio has a motorcycling show listen over the web here ,Facebook here yes I am the goose that hosts it.


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                        Questions answered..

                        The solution is slighty viscous when applied to the tyre.
                        After 8-10km it creates it's own atmosphere. Lines the inner wall of tyre and wheel.
                        Like an elasticated gel. Does not move about, dry up or ball up..Even if left for some time
                        Will not cover the tyre guy in goo when you need a new tyre... can be washed off with water from the wheel ready for the new tyre.
                        NB...Extends tyre life by 25%approx as tyre runs cooler, always at correct pressure also.

                        Happy to discuss.....
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