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  • New bike!!!

    Yes, I finally stopped talking about it, and did it. Picked her up this morning, and I'm loving it so far. So this means I'll be riding it on track day, it's booked in for it's first service already. Yee-farking-haw!!!

    Superhuge pic here (578k, 2048x1536)

    Even Max the cat thinks it's choice bro

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    Very nice barfridge

    just keep it clean at the track day



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      Top stuff Barfridge. Looks great!
      Spiral out, keep going...


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        nice, i like that muffler
        support honest cops, theres not many left


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          Dats a sick lookn machine dood. Grats!

          So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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            Looks sweet, cant wait to see it on the trackday, I expect Im not going to miss it, that is for sure

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              very nice. congrats!
              Originally posted by Red_is_Best
              hahah I hate it when they do that and you make some noises like you had it done just last year, then they give you that look, like you are a bad vagina owner and you should take better care of it!


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                That looks sweet as

                Looks like it could double as a space ship from the top picture.. so in that case whats the round trip to the moon (which everyone knows is made of cheese ) take wit no headwind ? hahah


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                  Awesome bike mate. Good to see something different for once.

                  Have read nothing but good things about them. Apparently the paraller twin gives oodles of low down grunt (for a 650 anyway) which means they are great for wheelies

                  Cant wait to see it in the flesh.


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                    Thanks guys, been out on it all day, just got in and peeled the boots off.

                    There is plenty of low down grunt, which I like. I have no idea about the top end yet *grumble grumble*. The joys of running in a new bike.
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                      welcome to the world of naked nice bike dude enjoy


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                        Congrats barfridge. Me thinks you gonna have some fun on that.

                        Love that exhaust. Best under the engine exhaust that I have seen. Much neater than either the R6 or GSX-R.

                        For a bike that is supposed to be more of a road bike than a sports bike, it looks hawt.


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                          WHOA Barf.....seriously...a nice set of wheels. Very different, very nice.


                          Originally posted by Viper
                          I'm probably fucking something up.
                          FOREVER RIDING WITH "DAVO" - FarRider #1



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                            congrats barfidge.......nice looking the colour scheme, especially the frame....underdonk zorst looks hawt too...great to see something different.......


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                              Noice, Jeff, noice - that red stands out - looks really swish!
                              I can't think what more you could possibly need to know... except maybe this: