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Also picked up new bike!

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  • Also picked up new bike!

    Hey ya'll!! Just thought i'd show off a couple of pics of my new toy that i picked up yesterday. The bad news is that i cant really ride it at the moment co's i jurt my neck pretty bad on Thursday and motorbike riding is probably the worst thing for it at the mo

    Its done 34km (from the showroom to a cafe to home). I hope my neck gets better cos the next time i can go for a proper ride is this Thurs (Oz Day)....not a day too soon!!!


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    nice ride mate

    can see you are getting nice and low allready
    RIP Scott!
    RIP Onikage!


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      drkside, i feel your pain (had a neck injury that laid me low for a while coupla years back). and as i'm such a caring understanding nineties type, i will offer to put a whole heap of kays on that new blade, so it's nicely run in by the time your neck is better. how's that sound?
      and yes, i would come over to the act to do so, as some of those roads are farking awesome, gotta do the run through there again sometime

      it's alright, i've got broad shoulders and can bear the crushing disappointment of a negative response if you are so inclined

      oh yeah, nice bike

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        Mmmm. I like.

        I can see myself on a blade one day...


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          Sweet Dude - Go the Honda!!!!!!!


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            nice ride dude
            hope ypur necks better by turdsday
            Brett Lee


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              Enjoy the new toy, certainly looks the bees knees and I believe the 05 jobbies are at a nice (runout?) price atm so no doubt you got a good deal on it too.

              Whats with all these peeps getting new bikes, didnt we get good enough xmas pressies or something (ok, so maybe Im just a little jealous)

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                veery noice bike ya got there. Hope ya gets better soon so ya can enjoy.
                I keep wishing the missus will let me upgrade.Maybe one day
                Ride it like it STOLEN !!!!!!!!!!


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                  Enjoy the toy dood, very nice bike. Even if it is a honda.

                  So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                    Originally posted by Deej@Jan 22 2006, 10:08 PM
                    Enjoy the toy dood, very nice bike.* Even if it is a honda.
                    dude, honda is the business! well done. excellent choice, she looks hawt!

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                      Very nice dude.
                      Rock it - Roll it an Twist it!!

                      All new parts available, contact me anytime.


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                        Looks very tidy with the underseat exhaust. Is the underseat exhaust new to the CBR?
                        Marty 3005

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                          got a nice shiny new number plate to back that blade up hey...


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                            shweeeeet ride
                            Dont Fight with utes while on your bike it hurts


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                              sweet bike dude, bad luck about ya neck

                              GO THE HONDA