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    hey all, after some advice.
    Just purchased rgv 250 91 model and its in the w/shop gettin raked over the coals. top end rebuild brakes all that kind of *%@#
    hopelfully pass my practical early next month.

    since its an rgv cruisin the streets arnt gonna do it any good so was wonderin the best way to go about havin ago around the track????

    psp trackday the way to go? dont know anythin bout em??? <_<

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    Originally posted by smegma@Jan 22 2006, 09:24 PM
    since its an rgv cruisin the streets arnt gonna do it any good so was wonderin the best way to go about havin ago around the track????
    I used my old RGV (93 model) for pretty much all my commuting needs (to uni and back almost every weekday) as well as a weekend warrior and it has to be one of the most enjoyable bikes I have ever owned.

    As for trackdays, there are usually a few avenues to get out there. Trakdayz run a few at Wanneroo (they are also pitching in for the PSB one), there are regular advanced riding courses out at the AHG centre, sometimes there are tuning sessions down at Wanneroo (not sure who runs these, maybe Trakdayz as well?) and of course, last but not least, there is the PSB trackday (although you would want to get in quick to see if there are any places left).

    Head to the In the Loop page for other rides that get organised.

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      If you are after a ticket for the PSB Trackday then perhaps PM Hewie - not certain whether there are any tickets left but it is worth a shot.

      For details about what you need to make your bike ready for the trackday then click here.
      I can't think what more you could possibly need to know... except maybe this:


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        RGV for a first bike? Nice!

        If I keep this job once uni starts again, might be worth looking around for one as a quicker bike goes. Or just be patient and get my R&#39;s.


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          thanks guys been a big help
          yeah ive raced dirt all my childhood so when i got my 250 it had to be a fast one and ya cant really go past an rgv, probly drop it and kill meself but still hey ya get that


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            rs 250 aprillia will pass an rgv no worries.....

            not a bad first roadbike though.....i had &#39;90 kr1s....but traded to &#39;95 rgv years ago.

            and thats enough talk of killing oneself....ride within ur limits and you should be ok...


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              Hiya ..

              Nice first ride.

              As for PSB trackday .. yup ... its great opportunity to get out on the track and have a go.

              There are currently only 3 places left ... so if you want to have a crack, get in quick.

              All the info on the day is in the stickys at the top of this link .

              PSB Trackday Stickys Here

              If you need any extra info or anything feel free to PM me.

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