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URGENT URGENT - Girls Trackdays shirts.

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  • URGENT URGENT - Girls Trackdays shirts.

    Hi All,

    I am trying to get a series of Girls fashion cut tops in for the Trackday.

    I know you all hate wearing a standard Tee.

    Anyway ... I need a size for all the girls Riding and helping for the day so I can check availablity and get things going.

    These tops are a girls tee. They are still a "loose fit" in terms of girls fashions but they are not a big cut .. if that makes sense.


    Sizes are
    8 - 39 cm
    10 - 41 cm
    12 - 43 cm
    14 - 45 cm
    16 - 47 cm
    18 51 cm

    For those of you who are a bit unsure as to how to measure a girls shirt .. if you lay the shirt flat ..and measure from the lower corner of the armpit to the same point on the other side... thats what those measurements relate to.

    Could all the girls that want a Girls Tee please post a size. If you are too shy or want to keep some secrets in life .. please feel free to PM me.



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