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anyone trailering their bike on the 5th?

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  • anyone trailering their bike on the 5th?


    I need a trailer to get my bike up to the trackday. I was wondering if anyone who is already using a trailer, or is interested in doing so, is interested in sharing and splitting the cost.

    Or failing that - does anyone owns a trailer they feel like lending me? I would be willing to pay to hire it


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    Might be helpful if you post what aera you are comming from. I'm trailering my bike usally I use a 6by 4 which fits my bike and bugger all else. However there are a couple of hire joints nearby.
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      isnt the r6 road rego'd?
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        hah i live in wanneroo, it's quite close to the track anyway. Just need to be picked up on the way from wherever

        Yeah my R6 is road registered, but it's going to have full race glass on - dont want to have to change it all over at the track, take out headlights ect and put it all back on again at the end of the day. Will if I have to, but rather not


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          Yer Dude ,

          Can pick ya up on the way if ya like just need to know your Address ?
          I have enough room in the trailer for one more bike.

          Give me a call on Friday 27th.

          Number is 0419045141

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            Thanks mate, will do