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Wouldn't you just love to be a Honda Engineer!?

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  • Wouldn't you just love to be a Honda Engineer!?

    Check this shit out..

    Conventional American cruisers usually pursued traditional styling taking advantage of steel parts. However, the VTX Concept 2 features a new structure with a lot of lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber, with new shapes for parts that are reminiscent of sports bikes. This motorcycle provided conventional American cruisers with new values. The VTX Concept 2 also widely adopted unique structures including a trailing-link front suspension made from cut aluminum and a rear wheel with split hub.

    What do you reckon? Yay or Nay?

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    looks fat as

    the mufflers are a bit big but!

    i would have it
    RIP Scott!
    RIP Onikage!


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      The front trailing arm setup looks so very wrong (shite to be honest).

      They should have stuck with some nice thick USD's instead. The bars and brakes look mintox though.

      The rest of it is nice and phat also.

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        Yes wouldn't you love to be a Honda engineer you would get to redifine ugly every five years , remeber the Rune? I wonder why Honda's products are so conservative this kinda proves what happens when given a bit of leeway
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          That looks trick! I like the forks - it give the bike a "big shoulders" look. It's about time there was some modern/angular looking cruisers.


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            Any bike with a exhaust on each side means business!


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              looks like the kinda bike u could jus chill on and turn some heads wouldnt like to drop it tho ouch


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                burnout machine
                and thats all ive got to say :o


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                  Well I have never liked cruisers, but if they keep going in that direction I just might have some options for when I reach that point in life "Im to bloody old to keep riding one of those Jap Rockets"


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                    Its not my style of bike i would go for but i do like the back of it but the front of the bike what the?