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  • Long way round

    Ok so if you have foxtel or a P2P client you want to watch this series it's absolutely incredible.

    Basically it's Ewan McGregor (the actor) and his friend Charlie Boorman (lesser known actor) riding from London to New York the long way round (read east through europe and asia).

    Fox showed this back to back yesterday and I've recorded all 9 epps and I'm at epp 4 where they're just about to head into russia. They're on two BMW enduros with a moddest support crew that's 1 day behind them, and one camera man on a third bike. About as close to alone as they can get.

    Rest of the series looks awsome.

    Watch it.

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    Watched most of it yesterday and have seen a few of the earlier episodes when Fox started showing it before Christmas.

    That was an awesome adventure especially through Mongolia which only has about 150km of paved roads in the whole country!

    Of course the adventure would be so much easier when you are given everything for free, including three BMW's, two mitsubishi's, a team to work out every detail for you before you go, a support crew including doctor to follow you, all the camera, riding and survival gear you can possibly carry and money is no object at all!

    Still makes for intruiging and entertaining viewing even if the last episode was a bit cheesy.

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      I got the 3 DVD set for Christmas.

      Great series. Yeah they did have a lot of support, but they still the riding themselves.



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        I've got the large illustrated version of the book. It was a great journey and I'm not taking anything away from them but if you read the book it is unbelievable how whiney they are (Boorman in particular). It sounds like they expected the journey to be easy the way the bicker and carry on in the book. Is this apparent in TV show as well? I'm not sure if I would describe their support crew as modest either. But they did do it themselves and I would love to a similar thing. The photos are brilliant!
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          I just finished watching the series.

          No there didn't see to be much whinging on the TV show. I'm actually suprised they didn't loose it more at their camera man Claudio who seemed to fall off his motorcycle for most of the trip. I guess i'm not really suprised that the book sounds whingy after all they are poms (or close too it )

          However, I do think the best and most interesting part was the hard bit, the journey through Mongolia, Russia and the road of bones. I dont think any of thier fame, whinging or deal making would have saved them on that leg of the journey. They really did it and it was damn hard work.

          The trip through North America however, was a little lame I guess and still 1/2 the journey. Anyone can shoot a photo-documentary of a US/Canadian roadtrip, and I'd have to say that bit was really just a passing interest for me, and it kind of played out like that in the show too. The only cool part was them showing up at OCC to meet the boys and ride the custom V-twins.

          I still thoroughly enjoyed the show and would reccomend it.

          So who wants to ride Asia with me?


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            Originally posted by Melkor@Jan 28 2006, 01:44 AM

            So who wants to ride Asia with me?
            i'm sure we can find some washed out PSB overnighter?


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              bought the dvd set on impulse and it is by far the best bit of cinematography i have seen in a while! Its a must see!
              Buy a vtwin!


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                Got Hooked buying the book 6 months ago, then Ive been hunting the dvd retailers of perth for a copy for two months. My ordered 3 dvd set came in last week finally and myself and my housemates have watched it once through already. My housemates not even a bike guy and he loved it, the book just doesnt give the journey true justice.

                My parents are next in the queue thats rapidly formed to borrow the DVD series, its the sort of adventure that grabs people no matter what their interest and gave my folks a bit of an insight into why i spend all weekend out on "the bloody motorbike"

                Im sure we can arrange a few BMWs to ride south east asia on, would be schweet!


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                  Not quite the full circumnavigational challenge but an adventure all the same and lots of the planning has been done. Places are still available. Everest base camp anyone? on an Enfield?


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                    yeh got the DVD's myself, really worth the watch, would have preferred less lead in at the start of each episode though, gets a bit annoying.

                    I had to send my set back for replacement, couldn't watch Episode 5, still waiting for the replacement to turn up, then I'll watch it again.
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                      Originally posted by Chris N@Jan 28 2006, 03:11 PM
                      i'm sure we can find some washed out PSB overnighter?
                      If you want riding adventure and washed out bridges in asia, try cambodia.

                      Just did 120kms from poipet to Siem Riep in an old mini-bus. Took us about 7 hours as it was all dirt/gravel with potholes everywhere - some half the size of the bus!

                      And washed out bridges!.... there was about 40 of them and most I wouldnt have wanted to walk across! - very "on the edge of your seat" journey!

                      Would be awesome to enduro through asia... (Here in vietnam, the ratio of "motorbikes"(manual stepthoughs/scooters) to people is 1:3.
                      I think there must be a few bikes left at home as usually there are 3-4 people per bike!

                      crazy stuff here - Thailand/Cambodia/vietnam especially when "might is right" is the only road rule. (especially in cambodia.)

                      Typical intersection in the capital of cambodia Phnom Penh.

                      and you thought the price of fuel in Perth was bad!

                      Having a ball.
                      Will try to post more later in the photo section.

                      Our blog if anyone is interested: The travelling two


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                        Read the book and was an awesome story. Gonna buy the dvd's when i can find them. Stu i see what your saying but when your so worn down emotionally and physichally, you can understand a bit of tension and whinging.


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                          It has been an awesome series to watch across foxtel and i will purchase the dvd, totally worth it. Man those BMW's liked to snap their frames and just keep on trucking ... glad they didn't go with KTM.


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                            The Pitstop Bookshop (King St Perth) has stock of the 3-disc set.


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                              I saw it on Foxtel and really enjoyed it.
                              Reminded me how hard it can be riding long distances over consecutive days - even on good roads! I never felt sorry for them saying they were constantly tired because they were on the piss most nights. The best episode was when they stayed at the dodgy Ukrainian's house with machine guns everywhere.

                              In fact i'm just about to tell the missus what we're watching tonight....
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                              motherfucking *facepalm* at half the stoopid motherfuckers in this thread not getting the point