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Does RJAYs have a website?

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  • Does RJAYs have a website?

    As per topic, does anyone know if they have a website.

    Google is not helping me unfortunately.

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    I tried to find a site for them and they seem to pretty elusive. There is an Rjays site, but it seems to be very car orientated and don't know whether it is the one you want.
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      Yeah I had seen that one but dont think its related. Thanks for trying though

      Quite suprised they dont have a website....


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        Try CASSONS they are the Aust distributers for R-JAYS
        Or i can give you a catalogue


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          Originally posted by KEV+Jan 29 2006, 10:17 AM-->
          Try CASSONS they are the Aust distributers for R-JAYS
          Or i can give you a catalogue
          It is a bit weird that such a large, and widely known brand doesnt have a WWW presence.

          Kev looks like he is on the right track though, info from the Aust distributor is probably going to be the best source available.

          Casson's website is unfortunately still under construction by the looks and has no product links, only a contact/fax number and email address:

          Ph. +612 9684 1210
          Fax +612 9684 2091
          Email [email protected]

          Maybe drop them an email and ask if they have a URL for the website or can provide an online catologue etc.

          @Jan 29 2006, 10:17 AM
          Or i can give you a catalogue
          Now that sounds like an even better idea, get your ass down there again rz and grab a brochure from the man.

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