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Bring back the Police led social rides?

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  • Bring back the Police led social rides?

    Does anyone else remember the WAPOL social "blue light" rides from a few years ago? They were actually quite good fun, had a large turn out and an awesome bbq at the end. No one that I know was pinged for anything contraversial. I think I even saw Deej on his R1SP at one ride and the then Assistant Commissioner and now NT Commissioner John McRoberts was a frequent rider on his Hayabusa.

    If the cops put this on again, would anyone be interested in going along?

    I would love to take the mrs on one of these rides. I think it would be good practice for her to ride in groups without the Rossi wannabe's that crash (no pun intended) other learner rides.

    I think the rides were canned when the WAPOL got rid of their Honda's, but now that they have shiny new ones, can they start these back up again?

    Thoughts anyone?
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    we might be in that?
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      Well maybe if enough of us ask here???

      How to contact Western Australia Police

      May help the current us & them feeling?

      Also is it just me but the two policewomen on his page can pull me over anytime !!! (Pun intended)
      I know I'm paranoid, but am I paranoid enough???


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        Why not?
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          As long as they dont sticker anyone, just friendly advice instead of pineapples would be nice
          (anarchy in english )


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            Sounds good to me


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              Sounds good to me as well BTW just waiting for the Tin Foil hat's.

              Click image for larger version

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              I know I'm paranoid, but am I paranoid enough???


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                They were in 2006 following the deaths of a few riders, one being my close friend. Karl organized them and was to create a better relationship between riders and police in general, and they seemed to work. I'd happily attend on my highly modified bike without fear of a yellow.
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                  I'd be up for that.


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                    I'd be up for it too. I think regarding mods as long as you're not really taking the piss they'd let it go with friendly advice...


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                      And point out to them that most interactions between police and riders currently involve pineapples, justified or not. Would be "constructive" to meet on a less tense occasion.
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                        Sounds like a great idea


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                          I wouldn't know what to say, I'd be blushing the whole way lol

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                            Sounds like a trap to me.

                            Don't fall for it people, the shields are still fully operational!



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                              if im in town i would been in :geek: