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SP-1 Doubles as tractor plough

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  • SP-1 Doubles as tractor plough

    Out riding today with Hussy and Jenna, we headed out to Dwellingup way, Stopping breifly to pay respects to Russ, we continued on towards Dwellingup, to arrive at a T-intersection to find a whole bunch of bikes and two cars parked up... fearing the worst I stopped to see the damageonly to find that an SP-1 had arrived at the T junction way too hot and managed make it across Dwellingup rd, navigate between two road signs and end up atop an embankment.... very very lucky guy. Had he done it 5 min later he would have been skewered by me as I was going at a fair old clip too.
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    Yeah sounds like a lucky guy. He must have been braking hard when he realised there was no more road left. Any skids from lock up?
    SP - Sports Plough.
    Spiral out, keep going...


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      Squid <_<


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        Originally posted by Stu@Jan 29 2006, 07:52 PM
        SP - Sports Plough.
        Deej wont be happy with that comment ......


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          I got talking this morning to one of the girls doing casual work for us during a busy period. She told me that her brothers had been out on the weekend and one of them crashed his honda at a t-junction out on a country run.

          Five minutes later I read this from TurboR1 - what a depressingly a small town this is.


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            Hi All,

            The guy in question on the &#39;Sports Plough&#39; (LOL!) was my younger bro.
            Yes we were fairly moving, and Yes he is lucky to be alive.

            I was about 50 meters behind him and watched the whole thing happen whilst i too was slippin and slidin my K5 behind him trying to pull up.

            I can honestly say that was the first time Rob has ever ventured off-road on a road bike! Simply put, we were going way too fast in unfamiliar territory.

            We have done that run a dozen times already, but never in that direction! (Roads to Waroona were blocked so we headed back to Perth that way)

            After getting him down off the embankment, he dissappeared on the back wheel like nothing ever happened. (Straight home to change his jocks i reckon )

            On a serious note, i came into work today to find that a work collegue of mine high-sided his harley after digging a footpeg into the road going thru a roundabout on Aust. Day and suffered massive head injuries. His life support was turned off on Sat&#39;d.

            GodSpeed Marty!

            I want to leave this world the same way I entered it, screaming and covered in blood.


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              The Twitter


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                RIP marty


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                  Sorry to hear about your colleague, my condolences


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                    Yes condolences

                    Dreaded Ex-Harley Rider.. but the new one turns, and stops, and goes, and........


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                      Sad to hear....RIP
                      Originally posted by Viper
                      I'm probably fucking something up.
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                        Bugger didnt want THIS thread to get sad... perhaps time to close this one and a dedicated one to be posted to Marty&#39;s sake.
                        Trying to think of a wise and sincere signature quote, but the only words that leap to mind are, "TITTY SPRINKLES"