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  • Lanesplitting video

    Found this on the SV downunder site, a good read and interesting vid:

    channel 7 news story

    And here is the letter they (MRAA) sent to police:
    For Immediate Release 28 January 2006


    The MRAA has written to the Chief Commissioner of Police, Ms Christine Nixon to complain about the appalling behaviour of several car drivers, captured by a Channel 7 News Crew during the recent “Ride to Rule” on Wednesday 25th January. The police have been requested to review video evidence of dangerous driving and road rage and take appropriate action against the offending car drivers.

    The behaviour involved tailgating riders at speed, deliberately aggressive overtaking and in two cases, speeding down the emergency lane and then nearly taking out a group of riders. Riders concerned were travelling at the normal traffic speeds, remaining in their lanes and not taking advantage of the innate characteristics of motorcycles to move quickly and safely through traffic, precisely as recommended by the National Transport Commission’s changes to the Australian Road Rules.

    The President of the MRAA, Mr Dale Maggs, expressed his concern that riders will become targets for road rage by riding in the manner proposed by changes to the Australian Road Regulations. He stated that the behaviour of car drivers clearly demonstrated the inherent danger when a motorcycle is treated the same way as a car.

    “It shows how foolish these proposed changes are” said Mr Maggs. “It is a matter of serious concern that the riding style to be forced on motorcyclists by these proposed changes will lead to increased road rage and aggression towards motorcyclists”. “The purpose of the ride was to demonstrate the increase in congestion that can occur by attempting to treat motorcycles in the same manner as cars. It is beyond comprehension that any reasonable person could insist on enforcing a regulation which both increases congestion and diminishes rider safety”.

    Mr Maggs went on to state that not only motorcycle organisations, but also motoring organisations such as the RACV, NRMA and VACC have opposed these proposed changes.

    Dale Maggs may be contacted on 0432 776 458 or at .
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    Good on em...

    Everything said is 100% true, goes to show what happens when people who have no f$%^*& idea about what they're talking about start making decisions...

    I knew i should have put my hand up for the premiers job.... I know fuck all about it, i'd be a shoe in....
    "I could have been anything. I could have been a fisherman. Fishermen, they get up in the morning, they fish, they sell fish, they smell fish. Reminds me of a girl I used to go with, Yvonne. She smelled like fish"


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      Great find greshaki, great stuff.

      Do i detect some almost responcible journalism from Channel 7 for a change?

      So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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        Will there be a similar demo here in WA?

        (puts hand up!)


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          That is awesome.

          I'd like to know if there is a planned ride like this here in Perth where we just take up as much space as possible? If there is then I am in!


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            *Great hearty peals of righteous laughter*

            God bless the little hearts of those 2-wheeled protesters. There's nothing a cynical man like myself loves more than an ironic lesson.

            Where do I sign up?


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              Nice find


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                thats great.... i reckon we should do a ride like this as these laws are national so why dont we make our point... imagine if we got the number of riders we had at the MAD ride for this... chaos... i love it..


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                  Good find, hope those drivers get followed up with a visit from the boys in blue....unreal, imagine if the reverse was done and they were complaining about lane splitting as a bike went past doing it.....

                  But hell, if it's just me on my own and i ride at the limit i get tailgated etc so the reaction by the car drivers when hundreds do it wasn't much of a surprise.

                  Imagine if one of them had hit one of the bikes...."oh, i didn't see him" sounds like the response we would have got..

                  & that bird in the car..."its annoying when you are trying to get to work on time", oh well thats ok missus, feel free to push us off the road then....

                  Been riding for 6+ months now and splitting/filtering more and's the only way i can put some space between me and the rest of the pr1cks....

                  Doing the same from south perth, through the raillink roadworks during the morning rush hour would cause absolute chaos.....


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                    Originally posted by Deej@Feb 1 2006, 06:32 PM
                    Great find greshaki, great stuff.

                    Do i detect some almost responcible journalism from Channel 7 for a change?
                    Only cause we happen to agree with them this time, seemed to be more about the car drivers been late rather than the motorcyclists. Noe effort to get a comment from any of the relevant govt department, relevant minister, NTC, RTA, Vic police etc etc.
                    Harvey community radio has a motorcycling show listen over the web here ,Facebook here yes I am the goose that hosts it.


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                      but to do it properly put all road rules into use but be i think its 3 car spaces away
                      so space out and do it properly
                      so long as im not working id be up to it and if i am i might feel a cold for that day
                      Dont Fight with utes while on your bike it hurts


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                        Before I started riding I hated lane splitters! But lanesplitting keeps motorcyclists AWAY FROM THE CARS without any disadvantage to drivers. Everyone just needs to understand WHY its done and if we had a 30sec add/soundbyte that got on tv explaining why we lanesplit I really think itd help a lot.
                        Maybe a protest is the right way to get a camera pointed at a bike rep
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                          contacted channel 7 news area and as this is considered old news then they wouldnt re-run news story here.

                          "but if something like this was being proposed for perth then they would like to be informed and possibly cover please send and email to the news section."

                          any one have any good contacts at any of the perthnews sections
                          A site all parents should check regulary



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                            Those Melbourne riders are awesome. They ride in early and take all the parking spots, so the law gets changed, and now this.

                            My vote is to perform the lane splitting protest followed by the parking protest. We should be able to adequately demonstrate that without lanesplitting, road conjestion is drastically increased and that there are an inadequate amount of parking bays for bikes/ scooters and that bikes/ scooters should be able to share a bay, if not like Melbourne and be able to park anywhere a reasonable person would be expected to park.


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                              LETS PROTEST!