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I got my R class

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  • I got my R class

    Woo Hoo for me!!

    Just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou to Tai at Elite Motorcycle Training for moving stuff around and taking me out on a lesson before the test and for giving me a bike to do my test on, after I was left instructor-less the day before my test.

    Thanks mate, you're a champ!

    Now I just have to get a new bike, the ZZR250 doesn't have the same allure anymore
    It must've been Tuesday. He was wearing his "cornflower-blue" tie.

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    congrats mate and stay safe, its amazing how a 250 loses its appeal after you get on a bigger beast , though they are still fun to ring their necks

    as is commonly said keep rubber side down
    Every one has a story.....


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      Congrats, well done.

      Tai is good at working magic


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        What big bike were you thinking of getting
        Supremo Bango Baby


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          congrats mate!!!


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            Tai got me through my R as well, hes a champ fo sure!


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              Congrats! My zzr already is losing its allure not much longer to go!

              Tai is cool, got my RE from him and i will get my R form him!

              Well done!

              You gonna get a kwaka?


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                Originally posted by danoz@Feb 5 2006, 11:18 PM
                You gonna get a kwaka?

                I will (almost) definitely get an Black 04 or 05 CBR600RR.

                ZX6R is second on the list, but I've wanted a Honda for ages.

                I'm sure this will get me equal amount of praise/ridicule...
                It must've been Tuesday. He was wearing his "cornflower-blue" tie.