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  • George @ Allgloves

    I can't remember his details and can't find them on the web.

    Can someone (probably a [email protected]) post the details here for me please.

    He sells cheap "no name" sports gloves from his house in Gwellup for about $40-50 a pop.

    A member of this forum needs to get HERSELF some gloves ASAP before she ends up with skin from her cute derriere on her hands in the form of skin grafts.

    Of course this 2003 Honda CBR 600 RR riding member will remain nameless.

    George @ Allgloves details please gang.

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    I think a person sells similar if not same gloves on au ebay.

    49.99 or something. I bought a pair although they don't fit me are well made and have carbon-kevlar knuckle protecors. I can show my sample if ya need to appraise the qualita
    Will you insure me?!


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      heh forgot about ebay. In fact i'm sure I've seen the same ones on Ebay too.

      After searching Ebay I did find this link

      They look similar and are around teh $50 buck mark, but it'd still be nice to support a WA guy.

      Anyone got George's details.

      Ebay's great...i found these too.


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        I did buy em from a WA source
        Will you insure me?!


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          Yes yes yes, but the gloves I found were Eastern States.

          Check my link before you flame me flameboy.

          no posts for you...2 weeks.


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            i like the second 'pair' max!

            Nick :twisted:


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              okay this nameless rider - what a nut!!!

              but I am sure HERSELF would like something stylish and functional - as crap gloves can look just as good as derierre skin

              in HER defense - it's a quick way for liposuction :winks:
              I speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth


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                like she would ever NEED liposuction


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                  like she would ever NEED liposuction  
                  Except maybe a bit of cranial liposuction. :roll:

                  In a 120km/h low side, you'd take shitty looking gloves that are going to protect your hands over no gloves at all. If you think otherwise, you should be posting in clowns shoes because that's where you belong.

                  I can understand people wanting a good looking bike, jacket, lid, even boots... but gloves? Get over it already. :roll:

                  If they're leather, have carbon fibre knuckles and won't disintegrate when slid down tarmac at 120km/h, that's all you can ask and the best you can hope for.

                  My 2c.


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                    Allgloves contact details

                    I just bought two sets a week ago ,he has just got a new shipment in ,$40.00 a pair ,I hjave the details on my PC at work ,I'll post it tomorrow 8)


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                      MJ, go and see MadMax down at Cauesway. Ask to look at the Black Rivet Star gloves. They've got carbonfibre knuckles. I've got a set, so does Kym and Calvin. Highly recommend them and they're not to expensive.


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                        i need gloves, give details pleez
                        I was raised on the Dairy....Bitch


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                          His name is George and his work number is 94477926.


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                            I'll post the web page as soon as my PC starts working again


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                              Thanks doorman