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Thanks you for this Track Day

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  • Thanks you for this Track Day

    Thanks Hewie and everybody else who made this possible.

    well, I had a ball!
    now, I have been to many events, and trackdays (admittedly for cars) but this was AWESOME. great organisation, not a single session cancelled,
    FOOD, DRINKS - service

    A big thank you to everyone involved in the planning, organisation and runnimng of this trackday

    Adrenaline Junky

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    I second everything Spikey said, what an absolutely fantastic day

    Bring on the next one already!


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      Second that.
      Very well organised, even had two hooligans on a 4 wheeler with a megaphone telling us to get ready!

      Missed out on the lamb spit though
      Did I win anything?


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        It was a wee cracker! Cheers to all the guys for thier hard work, it really made it special.
        I know next year I'll be volunteering to help out, and I hope some other people do so as well.
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          Bloody awesome day guys/girls

          A huge thanks to hewie and everyone else that made it possible with all their hard work.
          Most of the workers for the day didnt even get to ride.
          A site all parents should check regulary



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            Absolutly awesome day !!

            Thanks to all that organised, participated etc..

            Was sweet

            Cannot say how much fun i had


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                the 30 mins on the track was the best fun ever!!!

                top day for everyone involved!!!


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                  yep, top day...
                  and as far I'm concerned, I won... because I didn't crash!

                  thanks to all those involved.


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                    Fantastic day, great fun i'm hooked!

                    Thanks Fordy for lending me that foot peg, you are a champ mate


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                      very well run besides the late entry...

                      glad to have helped and i got the cbx onto the track.. ahahahahhaha

                      i so want pics of that!
                      RIP Scott!
                      RIP Onikage!
                      RIP ODDZ!


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                        Here are a few pics from this morning.


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                          Originally posted by jennaau@Feb 5 2006, 07:54 PM
                          the 30 mins on the track was the best fun ever!!!

                          Even ifyou got passed by a Duc with a pillion??????

                          I had a great day today. My backpack sessions were awesome - thanks Goofy! - but next time I'm gonna be in the pilot's seat!!
                          (Saf - remind George we're riding next time! 'Coz I'm gonna hold him to that! )

                          *EDIT* - Rick that is a great photo of Saf in the litter. I love it!
                          "Look wise guy, I know I'm a racer, I can feel it in my code."


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                            I had afucking ball!!! What a great day, even if I didn't bring a candle along to wax my chain...

                            Many thanks to all who made it run on the day - the organising committee, marshals, kitchen crew, scrutineers and trackday staff. You guys did a fantastic job keeping it running smoothly throughout the day. Great job, well done!
                            I can't think what more you could possibly need to know... except maybe this:


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                              Originally posted by Rick76@Feb 5 2006, 08:21 PM
                              Here are a few pics from this morning.
                              Oooh theres one of me in there!
                              How do we go about getting a copy of them mate?