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    ok i got a puncture in my rear tyre the other night whihc was great fun <_< had to get it from freo to joondalup on a flat managed to seal it enough to get back with super glue <- it was all they had at the servo

    but bascically i need it replaced as soon as possible with either a new tyre or the puncture fixed does anyone know of a shop in the joondalup area that i can get it fixed for a good price.

    theres a KTM store round the corner but not sure if theyll do it??
    reason for it in joondalup its still rideable for a few kms before glue wears off and i aint got a traler to get it else were

    any help would be great

    thx Skitz
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    Bikers corner should be able to sort you out, just up the road from the KTM/Yammie place.
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      There is a Yamaha dealer in Joondalup..and a couple of smaller bikes shops not too far away from what I can remember..


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        Bikers Corner...ask for Ian
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          thx that bikers corner looks good got them fitting my new rear tomorrow morning now just the rest of the bike to fix <_<
          Dont Fight with utes while on your bike it hurts