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Tourers on gravel roads?

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  • Tourers on gravel roads?

    Just curious as to how a sports/tourer like a blackbird or FJ would fare on gravel roads?

    I know there would be a problem on the bends if you're going fast, but if these were longer, straight roads, how would the bike handle?

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    if you ride like you are on wet asphalt or worse you should be ok.
    i stick to the wheel tracks where there is less loose gravel.
    like you said tho, take those corners slow
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      1 ask Gordy
      2 pretty good grip the tank with your knees, relax your arms the bars will flap around a bit let them do that keep the wieght up right through the turns stick to the wheel tracks, and favour the rear brake when stopping.

      You are never going to be quick as a mtoorcrosser remeber that, also a motorbike the faster you go the more gyroscopic effect you have the more stable it is keep that in mind, if the front end starts to feel like its going the answer is more power easy to rember hard to do. I would be a little cautious about what surface you are riding on though pea gravel or chip rock. Chips would tear the guts out of the sports bike tyre pretty quickly makes a mess of your chain too.
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        Thanks guys.

        I don't actually have, or currently considering getting a larger bike (need license and funds first), but just more of a 'would it work' situation, as I saw something along these lines...

        The deal would seem to be that a shaft drive would work best if you're going to do many kms on these roads?


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          Road bikes tourers or otherwise will not like the gravel, especially at any sorta speed ....

          Take it easy if you come across some .....
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            i have ridden gravel roads on both my harley and my zx10 and have found that it is not nearly as bad as i thought.

            the harley was easy due to the lower centre of gravity

            just expect both wheels to be floating slightly all the time, dirtbike style

            then clean your air cleaner.. it will be packed with dirt
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              gravel is not to bad but try to avoid sand
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                Went on 5km of fairly smooth gravel between Caligiri and New Norcia and the bike handled it well. It was my first ime on gravel with the bike.
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                  Yep, theres a few bitumen roads round New Norcia / Mogumber / Bindoon area that turn to gravel.

                  Like Muzz said, knees into the tank and relax. The bike knows what to do.

                  Dont look 10 feet in front of you, keep your eyes up more like the horizon. The bike knows what to do.

                  That bike really does know what to do
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