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    Hi all,

    we need 2 x banners (BIG ONES WITH BIG LETTERS) saying something along the lines of:

    If the motorcycles ahead of you were allowed to lane filter/split, you would be at work by now'

    Can anyone help.

    Also on the 28 Feb we will need 2 x cages to affix one banner to Mill Point Rd (on the south side of the flyover facing traffic heading into the city and the other affixed to the Vincent Street Train Station walk over, facing city bound traffic on the Mitchell.

    Any takers please, once we go past, the banners can be brought in and thats it


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    Take up a collection. Myself and plenty others are sure to all chip in.
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      Banners from memory are expensive you are probally looking at least $500 each for a single use that pretty excessive. Surely there is an arty farty type would could paint up some white sheets for you. There may be a genric banner avalible which you can reconfigure the letters to read what you wish. Similar to what the Banner towin people use. The other suggestion would be to find out what the banner towing people charge.
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        about $120 a pop ... speak to Japaroo.
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          if the supporter program for psb was still in place i would be almost up for renewal...
          so i am happy to put $10 of that towards cost of a banner if need be.

          but i am sure we can find someone to make one up??