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  • Valuation req'd.

    Howdy all,

    I think I'm opening myself up for all sorts of smartrectum comments but here goes..I'm thinking of parting ways with my old girl . But i'm not sure what I should be asking for it. While I definitely appreciate everyones opinions, I'd really like to hear from the Triumph enthusiasts/sympathisers if there are any here. The reason for this is that a fat old girl like mine isn't worth much in the eyes of some die hard sportsbike riders for example, but for some reason the Triumph oriented people I have spoken with seem to think it has a bit of collectors value. Sportsbike riders please don't take offence, I'm just trying to avoid "why would someone pay X amont for that when for the same money a (insert bike of choice) would eat it" type responses, which while true, don't really help in valuation. So, it's a 1996 Speed Triple (model before the bug eyes) with 35000 km. It's in excellent condition and has 6 months rego and some minor dress up things like mini indicators, ally pegs .etc..

    Some info for those that don't know - The difference between 96 models and the earlier ones are that the 96ers have a 6 speed gearbox (instead of a 5), braided brake lines, forks are flush mounted with the top triple clamp and they have gold coloured brake calipers, discs and sprockets, oh and Triumph embossed on the calipers instead of Nissin. There might be more but that's all I can think of. Some people I have spoken to think they have a bit of collectibility as there were only around 30 or so 94 to 96 model Speed Triples brought to Perth, and of that possibly less than 10 '96 models. Certainly you don't see many around but that doesn't necessarily mean it's worth more.

    Cheers and I look forward to your opinions.

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    Have you tried ? You have to take redbook's valuations with a grain of salt though if your bikes a sought after collection but red book may give u a rough price.


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      bout 3 fiddy

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      just a laugh :pinch: :pinch:

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      go on you know ya wanna try one!


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        the red book gives a figure of around $7100 - $8400 for a private sale price on the 1997 model (November 1996)...... these bikes are a great bike, can't see that being a hard price to get.....


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          Maybe try scout around the papers and dealers and see what similar bikes are going for. If it's only got 35k on it, and in pristine condition, try advertising a little above redbooks prices.


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            I'm guessing less than Bulbous states, possibly $5,500/$7200 dealer/private.

            If you don't have a favoured Triumph dealer, check with Bill @

            JCS Motorcycles
            287 Great Eastern Hwy Burswood 6100
            (08) 9472 1326

            They have some nice old bikes to perve over while he checks your bike over for value (like a mint T160V Trident - exactly the model/colour as the one i used to have - and wish i still did).

            Good luck.

            BTW: If you buy a new speed triple, can i borrow it when i'm back in Perth?

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              Cheers for the replies.

              I forgot about ye olde red book although I think it's talking about the next model up (twin headlights) as Triumph's model years end in September. But most people say they're worth about the same as them anyway.

              Unfortunately there's nothing around to compare it with, as there's not many around they don't come up for sale very often. Just did a search on every bike selling site I could think of in Australia and came up with 3, two 94's and one 95, all for $7990 with 60 000+ km's.

              I was thinking around $8000 to $8500 so it looks like I'm on the money.

              Unfortunately Sprint there is only one dealer in Perth (as Lloyd Chapman isn't doing Triumphs anymore) and I wouldn't exactly call them my favourite. And no I won't be getting a new Speed Triple (or a 675 for that matter ) and if I did, I'm sorry but no you couldn't borrow it as I think my butt would be welded to the seat !


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                I had the original '94 Speed Triple - a rare orange one. It was only 1 of 3 sold in WA. I put it on consignment at JCS and got the price I asked for it which was just over $5,000. I'd done way over 80,000 klicks on it, and it didn't exactly have an easy life, but it was original, clean, and the motor was still very strong, and I wanted a quick sale, so $5k was a fair price, IMO.

                The original Trip is a classic bike indeed but I dunno if you'd get $8,500 for it. Good luck though.

                BTW, I've still the original 3:1 exhaust and a genuine paddock stand sitting in the shed, and the numberplate "TRUMPIE" for sale, if you know of anyone that's interested


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                  I think I remember seeing that bike outside Totals once, Miss Behave. Did it have raised handlebars?

                  I'd be very interested in the exhaust...actually all the bits at the right price.

                  Yeah, I think $8500 is a bit rich too considering waht you can get for the price, but I'm quite attached to it so if it doesn't go I won't be too fazed. And I love that triple sound.


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                    Hiya Volotre

                    I was just looking in my red book (Jan - Mar 2006 Edition) and it lists the 96 speed triple at a bit more $$$ than in some of the replies^^^^^. Quote: Triumph 900 Speed Triple, road 885cc DOHC 4stk 3cyl, 1996, Now 6 speed, good condition wholesale $10,250, good condition retail $14,100, Price when new $15,950. This would indicate to me that the bike is indeed considered to be somewhat of a collectors item. Dont get me wrong though i generally think that the red book is innacurate but it gives you a bit of an idea.

                    My old man brought a new 95 Speed Triple in bright orange that i thought was pretty awsome at the time. He only had it for a year and im pretty sure he sold it for bout $500 less than what he paid for it. Early Speed Triples seem to hold their value very well. You should have no problem getting $8500 for it if thats what your chasing.

                    The Holic


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                      I've been looking for speed triples in the quokka for a while now...
                      I've hardly ever seen one for sale! That or they sold straight away.
                      "Rare as hen's teeth"
                      Within reason, you could almost ask whatever you want if you are happy to wait.
                      There's also a 3-6month wait on new ones. (So I was told when I was at JCS a month ago.)
                      So a seller should be able to get a good price for one.

                      P.S. Not looking to buy one anymore....prorities changed....


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                        LOL!! Dugy - where were you when I was advertising it for sale? - LOL!! (Mind you it was 3 years ago.)

                        Yeah, Volotre, it could have been mine - I raised the bars from underneath the triple clamp to above it. I'll PM you shortly details of the bits for sale ..... I'll brb ......


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                          LOL!! Dugy - where were you when I was advertising it for sale? - LOL!! (Mind you it was 3 years ago.)
                          I waaas buy-un ma-self a trakta!


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                            That's the bike Holic. Holy furark !! $10000 to $14000 would be nice! I keep getting little bits of info like this that make me think it's worth holding onto as a collector's thingy. But I keep hearing about how nice these newer bikes are to ride and how the old triples feel like a bus in comparison, which makes me want to trade up. Oh to be rich and be able to keep both.

                            They are pretty rare dugy, only evre seen 3 on the road while driving around in the last 4 or 5 years, and one was probably mine as I had a 95 model before this one.

                            Cheers Miss Behave.

                            Thanks again all. Food for thought.


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                              Oh to be rich and be able to keep both.
                              I'm probably going to end up with a collection of different bikes 2fiddy commuter, sports, cruiser, tourer... I can see it now the way I'm eyeing up my next bike, before taking delivery of the current one.