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Cheap repairer for plastics

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  • Cheap repairer for plastics

    Does anyone know of someone in the metro area that does repairs to plastics. I had an off a couple months back and the r/h side has a few rashes. I would be happy to find someone cheap as the bike was not insured then, so I have to repair it at my costs. I got a quote of $1000 + from Vitech Refinishing in Welshpool.
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    Yes, PM TRX, he just had some plastic welding done on his TRX and was cheep and a smiko job so he says.

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      Try Plastonics in Belmont. Not sure how cheap he is but what work I've seen is of good quality. Sometimes gives a rough estimate over the phone too.

      Or there's a place in Osbourne park, Motorcycle Panel & Paint. Not sure of price or quality but they do plastics and seemed like they new what they were doing and had a good operation.