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Motorbikes are Dangerous - My 2c (plus CPI)

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  • Motorbikes are Dangerous - My 2c (plus CPI)

    Motorbikes are dangerous. Everything that old lady says to you under her breath at the traffic lights is true. Everything your mother said to you when you first got your bike is true.

    Do we do it because it’s an inexpensive method of transport? Hell no. Dont kid yourself. Take depreciation, insurance, maintenance cost, protective clothing costs, modifications, all those ….. ‘bits’ that you buy just because its your baby…. my bike would cost me way more each year than the Jaguar in the garage.

    Is it because its convenient? If you call not being able to store or carry anything and have to walk around carrying a helmet, jacket, gloves, whilst wearing boots that aren’t made for walking convenient.

    I own a Vespa. I can store two helmets in it, it has a shopping bag hook, costs nothing to insure, run, maintain and doesn’t depreciate. It has small brakes, tiny wheels, crappy rubber, no power and yet I consider it safer than my Gixer. The only reason for this is because I cant speed on it and I cant do 115kph around the Mill Point Road off ramp on it, and I cant wheelie it (yet) and the chances are if I come off, I am not going to be going that quick.

    I don’t own a GSX-R1000 arguably one of the fastest out of the box bikes on this planet for fuel economy, for parking convenience, to get through peak-hour traffic, to be good to the environment. The thing will go 25kph faster than the highest Western Australian posted speed limit.... in 1st gear..... and get there faster than you can say “two all beef patties”. Is that really necessary?.

    No. I own it because of the feeling I get when I twist my wrist on the freeway onramp to merge with traffic and within a fraction of a second I am doing the same speed as the cages. I do it because of the rush when you really nail your favourite corner and are on the gas half hanging off your bike and you leave a big blacky to look at next time. I do it because of the pure unadulterated selfishness of just you and your thoughts. I do it because I am uncontactable and dont have to answer my mobile phone for a little while. I do it because I am sitting on a machine whose mechanical ability is far greater than my talents.. but kriky I am going to have a try. I do it because I am happy to sit at 80kph on the freeway and look at cars (and bikes) that go past and think to myself. … “yeah I can beat him”. I do it because of the feeling you get when you nail a nice wheelie, and I do it because of the comradeship of riding and hanging with my buddies…who cares where.

    Do I do it because it’s dangerous? No. Not intentionally. Is it dangerous? Absolutely, undeniably, you bet it is.

    Would I go for a ride on my bike tonight if I knew that tomorrow my wife would be widowed or just like our good friend Aza there was a real chance that I could suffer a life changing injury? Hell no I would not. None of us would. But this risk is present EVERY TIME we put our leg over it.

    And this is the quandary as a semi intelligent individual that I constantly consider. Every time I get off my bike when I get home and go through the actions of locking it to its wall plate, and throwing the bike cover over it I consciously think to myself “a good ride, Im still intact”.

    Just like you guys, I am not going to go through life not doing these things just because there is a high probability of you getting hurt. Some of you may think that when your numbers up, its up. You could go to work one day in a building in New York a few years ago, sit down at your PC and start drinking your morning coffee and someone decides to intentionally fly a 737 into the side of it. The fact of the matter is, the chances of probability of this happening to any of us is low, but if you ride a bike, these chances change… dramatically. The statistics show it. Its undeniable and plain as day. Every time your odometer clicks over one more klm, the sooner one of our numbers is going to come up - small drop or life threatening fall.

    Unfortunately, the statistics are also now becoming obvious to us all as PSB forum users. Back when we had 20 registered users, we never knew anyone that had an accident. You would just read about it in the paper, but now there are 400 users and growing daily, the statistics begin to show. We all now either know someone personally or know of someone indirectly that has had an accident. The reality is, as the forum continues to grow, statistics say this will get worse not better.

    If we want to continue to do what it is we all enjoy we have to be smarter than regular road users and try to bend the statistics to be a little more in our favour:

    Don’t speed on busy roads with lots of cross streets. Look left and right at the lights before you ride through them. Limit the use of your bike if possible for just enjoyment so that you don’t ride in ‘auto pilot’ mode whilst riding too and from work, take your cage instead. Choose your locations for fun carefully. Consider every car you approach as a threat. Consider every car that stops at a stop sign and looks in your direction as not being able to see you. Think yourself invisible. Look for an escape route in every situation and have that locked in ready to use. Always over indicate your intentions. Lane split stationary cars at lights so that your not the meat in the sandwich for that car behind you that isn’t going to stop in time (sorry Jellyback). Keep your distance from people you don’t normally ride with. Wear as much protective gear as the circumstances and climate will allow in order - head, hands, feet, torso, pants. Position yourself on the road where everyone can see you and where you have as much time to react as possible. Most importantly, understand you and your bike’s limits, ride to within them and not someone else’s. If you feel uncomfortable or feel that you are being dragged beyond your skills – Back the Hell Off ! Listen to that voice in your head. The human body has an amazing ability to tell you when you are on the edge. Everyone will wait for you up the road or the next meeting point.

    We can’t stop the unpredictable and the real danger we put ourselves in every time we press 'start', but we can sure help improve the inevitable odds.

    Be safe people. Choose your time.


    So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)

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    And that is all that ever need be said on the subject.


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      Very well said mate. Couldn't have put it better myself.

      You should sticky this thread.



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        *Thumps chest in a new found respect for the man*

        So true my friend, so, so very true.


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          you dont get any change deej

          thats a full 2c.

          words to heed..... well spoken
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            Very well said indeed! 8)

            I'm not a stunt rider, but I do like riding hard. That is why I organise country rides to minimize traffic hazards (cars, drive ways, police). I don't ride a motorcycle because it's dangerous, and I don't ride to die!! In saying that "yes" it's dangerous (can you see the difference?) I have a wife and a daughter and another baby on the way, so don't take unnessasary risks.

            I have always said to anyone that rides with me "Ride within your Limlts" minimize your chances of something going wrong.

            The way that I look at it, my job is more dangerous than riding a motorcycle! I repair petroleum tankers, the risk of things going wrong and causing death are alot greater, but there are policy's and procedures put in place to protect you and others from injury and death! Same goes for riding a motorcycle, you have safety equipement, training etc to assist riders in there quest to live longer. Common sence is the biggest safety tool we have, you just have to turn it on.

            This is my opinion, and I don't expect others to agree, I know what it's like out there my brother inlaw is head injured from a car Vs Bike accident so I have a constant reminder every time he visits me how dangerous motorcycle riding is, but I still don't ride because it's dangerous I ride because it's fun. 8)


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              Very well articulated Deej.
              Thumbs up.

              I think this should be a sticky and locked for all to read and think about.
              I myself couldn't agree more except for the safer on the Scooter.

              If you are exercising self control on a bike its far far less dangerous then a scooter for the scooters simple lack of power, handling & breaks. And its just that bit harder to see/hear. But yeah I know what you mean, when do we exercise self control on a bike?? So point taken.
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                I agree with all that had been said by Deej & Calvin on why we do this technically life threating pastime. Trouble is as humans we will push the limits to know where they are. Its starts when your mother said don't touch that kettle its Hot! We all got burned at some point didn't we? Some of us are just lucky and burnt our fingers others were scarred for life. The human brain is the most sophisticated computer of all. It recalls in the form of reflex a reaction to a similar situation. With fast bikes you just have to do the hard miles to get it to be a safe sport. I have ridden every quick road bike available for 36 years and for those that have ridden with me you know what I am about to say. Don't drink before riding>Check your tyres & tyre pressures>wear proper riding gear (ie leathers for country runs- fabric jacket for street) gloves and riding boots ALWAYS (even more important in summer ). Ride with safe experienced riders when going fast> hang back and learn > know the road before going quick on it. Riding bikes is always going to be dangerous but there are alot of things you can do to minimise the risk. Avoid heavy car traffic situations go the quieter safer road. I know I can't put my ugly head on your young shoulders but at least have a think on how to ride SMARTER. There will ALWAYS be the ride to 80% of your ability and you have a instant safety margin for error.
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                  * clap clap clap clap *...... Round of applause for Deej
                  We all have to remember yes bikes r fun but are also a weapon and we must respect that power of the weapon.....

                  Pick a time and place people but as allready has been said .....

                  RIDE TO YOUR ABILITIES.... NOT SOMEONE ELSE'S........
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                    I myself couldn't agree more except for the safer on the Scooter.  If you are exercising self control on a bike its far far less dangerous then a scooter for the scooters simple lack of power, handling & breaks.  And its just that bit harder to see/hear.  But yeah I know what you mean, when do we exercise self control on a bike??   So point taken.
                    I agree totally FraG. The reason I say I think its safer is, I often ride my big bike and look down to see I am doing 15 to 20 kph over the posted limit without thinking about it. I'm sure all you guys find the same thing.

                    If my Gixer was speed limited to the posted limit, with its radial mounted calipers, nice expensive rubber and enuf power to accelerate out of a situation, it would be a much safer than the scooter. No argument whatsoever.

                    I do 'THINK' its safer. Though I doubt it is.

                    So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                      well said deej was a good read mate. After reading that i think ill get off my ass and get my l's for the car, less time on the bike better the odds.


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                        for he is a sport bike rider - and this is his...MANIFESTO



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                          Definately words spoken by a true commrade.

                          I think Deej as summed up what we all think, we ride because we love it for many reasons......even though it can be a lot less safer than driving a cage.

                          However, unfortunately a lot of the time when we c a friend or fellow rider down it is because of a cage driver and these my friends is why we need to be extra careful.

                          A blind spot is a blind spot and no matter how many times people are told to check them, they are never going to check them 100% of the time and because we are so small compared to most cars, it makes the job even more difficult.

                          As Deej said the thrill of having all that power at your fingertips and the fact that we have so much fun when we are all together outways a lot of the negatives associated with what we do and makes us not think about all the terrible things that can happen to us. I agree though that bike is less safe than a cage but only if u want it to be.

                          The biggest piece of advice i can give to anyone other than ride within your own limits........BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST...ALL OF THE TIME!!!!! This goes for cages aswell. Just the other day there was 6 cage accidents resulting in 2 deaths in a matter of hours so that just proves it can be just as dangerous on either piece of equipment.

                          So just remember everyone, your bike and your life is a gift no matter which way u look at it. Treat both with great respect and u will live longer and enjoy more, thats all I can say.
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                            Points up and agrees with Deej and all you guys about saftey.

                            The bigest thing that sticks out for me and I am as guilty a anyone is riding beond my limits, getting cought up in the moment and running a bit faster than I feel comfortable and when I am done I breath a sigh of relief that i made it ok and think how fuckin stupid that was.

                            Every one, have the BALLS to ride to your own limits, shure it's good to ride with people better than you, this is one of the ways that we learn, but by over extending your self, we can get in trouble real quick and if someone gives you a hard time about keeping up, Find someone else to ride with it's your life not there's. I am not pointing the finger as I have never hear it happen in out group, just making a point.

                            My 2c.


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                              deej you talked about getting away from ya mobile not ringing, it musta bin broke or somthing if ya had time to write all that!!


                              can i get a summary?

                              no good point although my bike is a convience 8)
                              Nick :twisted: