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  • photos of my crash

    with all the talk regarding bike safety and after recent events, i thought it would be a good time to post a few pics of my leg after my crash (WARNING - pretty gory). it happened on april 7th of 2001 - the day before my 22nd birthday. it was a sunny day in the low 20’s, I was travelling from my dads house to my mums - a distance of less than 5k’s. my old man lives on stock rd near the bottom of the hill in bicton, and my mum lived in palmyra. I normally go straight along stock rd, but for some reason turned right onto preston point rd at the roundabout.

    two streets later there was a blue magna stopped at a stop sign on my left. I wasn’t speeding (60…maybe 65 at most), I had my girlfriend on the back and was riding in perfect conditions. when I was about 15m away the blue magna came out in front of me quickly. there were cars coming the other way. I had nowhere to go so I jumped on the brakes as hard as I could. the back wheel was in the air all the way till I hit her. I couldn’t have been doing more than 40 when I hit. the following couple of photos were taken between two and three weeks after the accident. my girlfriend walked away with barely a scratch (thank god).

    I have had 11 operations so far (with another 2 or 3 to come…then heaps more as I get older) and have been told by my doctor every time that if anything goes wrong I will wake up without a leg. I was in hospital for over two months…the first time. I didn’t walk unassisted for a year. I had hours of physio and hydrotherapy every day. I went through pain that you don’t realise exists until you’ve experienced it. I am only telling you all this because it could happen to you. it has totally changed my life. I can barely play any sport and still get heaps of pain from it. I limp quite badly, have some gnarly scars and nearly go arse over regularly. hopefully seeing this should will make some of you think twice about taking an unnecessary risk.

    I know that I was lucky. I have seen HEAPS of people who aren’t. be alert and take every possible precaution that you can.

    unfortunately, bikes are too much fun and I MUST still ride. I would love to just give up as I know it could happen to me again, or to one of my friends that I ride with…but I also know that I will never give up. i always wear all the gear i have. my only compromise is to wear draggins instead of leathers when riding around town.

    this one was taken about two weeks after the crash. if you look carefully you can see that my knee is still dislocated.

    this picture is of the ilizarov frame that was drilled into my leg to stabilise it.

    this is the other side of my leg

    please be careful...

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    fuck me !!!! :cry: i thought my knee surgery was bad, what ripped it open like that ??


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      Wow. Sickning to look at but yet important to everyone. Thanks.

      Can I ask what gear you were wearing at the time? More importanly.... what gear on your legs?

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        Man you are very lucky that looks nasty, glad that ur ok and your gf walked away from it.. I take it you didnt have leathers on at the time?
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          How you doing walking, and is your Mussle back to normal after this time?

          My leg was done with Ti! all in da middle of da bone, from hip to foot!
          I had my GF on the back at the time, and she walked away with scratches on her knees....

          Full story and details here:



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            Hey Jarrid, yeah man, I remember you tellin me about your prang, so not nice mate but so good to know you're still alive and well.

            When I first met Jarrid, it was over a year ago before my accident, he'd just gotten back on the bike and was riding but couldn't put his foot on the pegs. Much admiration, much respect for you mate, bloody glab to see you're still alive.


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              the thing that ripped it open like that was having his leg caught between the outside of the car door and the sp1, while going through the window at the same time. not the easiest move to pull off :shock:

              when he got back on the bike for the first few times, he used to ride with his leg out by the front wheel. looks like he lost the dirt bike and just started on the road

              but he is still a smoother rider than i am, and will always kick my arse round the track, but i do need to help him with the wheelies, eh mate?


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                the thing that ripped it open was actually the doctors scalpel. i didn't have any blood on my leg after the accident. i was wearing cord pants and a jumper. i had been wearing gloves all day but was getting pissed off at having to take them on and off as i was going to the bank, shopping etc. i hit the side of the car just in front of the windscreen and because she was turning right i actually went through her windscreen and ended up on the dashboard on the passengers side. i still have a piece of glass in there now (i'm a fucking idiot :oops: )

                back to the leg, around the muscles on your leg there is a membrane called the fascia. the fascia does not like to expand. my injury is the result of the bottom half of my leg stopping almost instantly and the top half carrying on. it belted the shit out of the lower part of the leg and ripped all the ligaments in my knee apart (i now only have the lateral ligament which is loose anyway - the knee is held together by scar tissue). when the bottom half was belted, the muscles tried to swell but couldn't expand because of the fascia holding them in. the muscles swelled anyway and blocked off the blood vessels. when the doctors realised what was happening they cut down both sides of my leg to release the pressure. when they opened it up they found that one of my muscles had already died due to lack of blood so it was removed. now i can't pull my foot up (not bad really - unless you're trying to change gear ).

                i already told you about the gloves. if i was wearing leathers with armour in them i'm sure the damage wouldn't have been as bad. if i wasn't wearing a helmet or was wearing an open face helmet i would have an open face head.

                my leg looks like shit still, but at least i can trick people into thinking its from a shark attack . the skin graft over the big part of flesh has healed well and the scars don't bother me any more. the knee is still fuct and will only get worse. i was told i'd never walk normally again (if at all), play any form of sport and especially not get back on a bike. i didn't accept that. it was fucking hard work to get it going again but i'm proud of myself that i did and the benefits are well worth all the hard work.

                p.s. bulbous - just because you can't see it doesn't mean it didn't come up


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                  Howdy Jarrid > I met you up on the 600RR ride day at Barbagello...remember we were trying to scam that extra ride off Jeff from Causeways. I admire your courage for what you must have gone through. When bikes are your life you will always get back on. People often laugh at me on a 40c day with leather jacket, boots & gloves on. I really don't care if I sweat my arse off at the traffic lights because its always reassuring to ride with full kit......just in case. Its got so that I feel naked on a bike without. I absolutley cringe watching guys riding with boardies, singlet, slip-on shoes & no gloves caning it through summer traffic. Good luck Amigo's. Hope to catch up for a ride with you soon.
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                    FARK :shock:
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                      Good to see your back up and riding.

                      Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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                        I agree warp speed, I look at those idiots and think.....I hope u guys come off and then u might ust learn a lesson.

                        Wht farking idiots u know
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                          nobody wants anyone to come off - no matter what they are wearing. hopefully people who do ride around like that will have a look at the pics above and think to themselves "I could possibly avoid my leg looking like that if I wore the right gear or was just a bit more cautious". that’s why i posted the pics. the important thing to remember is that my leg is nothing compared to what i have seen. you only have to look through some of the recent posts in this forum to hear of people who are far worse than this. i got off lightly compared to them. be safe people...

                          warp speed - yeah i remember. i got that extra ride and ended up buying one (see avatar). heaps easier for me to ride than the sp-1


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                            how u get them photos? will the nurses take them for now?

                            was that on the cbr?

                            sry to hear.. glad u are alive
                            Nick :twisted:


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                              p.s. bulbous - just because you can't see it doesn't mean it didn't come up
                              I bet you say that to all the boys..........