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Help with Purchase of bike

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  • Help with Purchase of bike

    Hey All

    I'm still a "Bike owning Virgin", and i'm wanting to know what the procedure is for the handling of the sale?

    things im unknowledgable about:

    1) how much deposit is usually enough?
    2) what order do you do things in, deposit, mechanical check, full payment, pick up bike etc?
    3) how do you even hook up the mechanical inspection?
    4)how do you know if the guy is just going to piss off with your deposit and bike?
    5) anything else i should know?

    thanks in advance!

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    Re: Help with Purchase of bike

    $500 is usually enough at a dealership. Don't give any money or sign anything until you are 100% sure you want the bike. Do all inspections before hand


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      Personally I would use someone like KTec to inspect a bike I was intersted in
      no need for a deposit, are you thinking of buying from a shop or privately?


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          take someone who knows about bikes or can test ride it (if you are unable to)
          if it all checks out, either buy it on the spot or put a deposit down....coupla hundred should be enough if its a 250.
          if you see it at the sellers house, its a good sign they won't piss of with your money.


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            Help with Purchase of bike

            I'd ask for the bike owner's driver's licence to make sure it correlates to the 'current' rego papers. Write down the VIN, rego number and engine no and do a PPRS check to make sure it doesn't owe money or have a registered interest.

            Have a friend come with you to t/ride if you don't already have licence. Ask for documentation of service history and/or receipts. Ask how many keys. Check for crash damage around indicators, bar ends, bodywork, lever ends, steering stops on lower triple tree, gashes around fork lowers and swingarm, leaking fork seals, brake pad meat, chain and rear sprocket condition, ease of starting, tyre condition etc etc.

            If you're happy with that, leave a deposit and ask for a hand-written receipt. Get the PPRS Check done and if that checks out, both fill out Transfer of Ownership paperwork and you're away.
            Rest in Peace
            Brother Ryad