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  • Any given Harley...

    What a weekend...

    I took home a Harley Davidson Springer 'Badboy' from the shop.

    Strange how a person can be stereotyped by the motorcycle they ride.

    I wore an open face helmet and had grown a small goatee.

    I rode from Vic Park, City Beach, Scarborough, Swan Valley, Toodjay, Bindoon, Chittering, Muchea and back to Scarbs.

    I saw a few Sportbikes along the way. I gave the wave to them all, nil acknowledgement received.

    When I returned to Scarbs that night, there were about 10 Sportbikes parked in the usual position.

    Now when I've normally pulled up on a Sportsbike at Scarbs, fellow motorcycle riders say hello whether they have met you before or not.

    Not one person approached to say hello, I just received filthy looks from the other riders, in disgust that a 'Harley' was parked near there Japanese machines.

    I recognised some of the faces of the other riders as past customers from the shop. In the past they have come into the shop after hours if I have been working late and chew the fat.

    Did they not recognise me? Or could they not look past the fact that I was on a 'Harley' and couldn't be bothered to say gday.

    To prove my point, the detailer from Causeway Honda was even there with her husband. Again no acknowledgement or greeting.

    Now when I finally walked up to her, she looked startled and said "Oh its you, I didn't realise it was you".

    Why do people stereotype or typecast people by the motorcycle they ride?

    From where I stand a Motorcycle Rider is a fellow Motorcycle Rider no matter what type of motorcycle he chooses to ride.

    I ride all different disciplines of Motorcycles each dat to and from work.

    Depending upon which bike I ride, I receive different treatment from fellow riders and other motorists.

    Perth is too small a place and community to have 'factions' of riders due to the style of bike they ride.

    Isn't this the main reason people choose to ride. As so they don't have to conform to the norms of society and experience the freedom we all feel whilst riding. Nothing beats the wind in the face.

    So why then do riders become so hell bent up upon creating these divisions amongst the riding community.

    I'm not including the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMCG'S). That is a completely separate issue.

    I find people who criticise others because of their 'personal choice' of motorcycle or fashion sense etc, don't have the courage or confidence within themselves to stand up and out of the norm, freely speak their mind and make a decision that may not be widely accepted for fear of 'peer pressure' from fellow collegues or friends.

    For example;

    Those who bag Harleys;

    Ask yourself this question.

    1. Have you ever ridden a Harley. And ridden I mean ridden. Nice long windy country road etc.

    (Don't come back with a lame response of "I haven't ridden a Harley because I have no desire to!")

    You can't criticise what you haven't experienced.

    Yes I agree a Harley is no Sportsbike but it was never designed to be.

    They are a Cruiser. To which they do a fantastic job of, 'cruising' so in turn Harley have done a great job in creating a motorcycle in its design frame.

    So because a person chooses to ride a Harley because he enjoys 'cruising' rather than 'going hard an fast, country style' as Warp Speed puts it, does he deserve to be treated any different.

    I think not.

    Don't be so narrow minded and acknowledge all fellow riders no matter what the person chooses to ride.

    Next weekend I will be riding a sportsbike, so maybe I'll be spoken to again if I turn up to Scarborough.

    Out of all of this though I have gained a full understanding of why people buy and ride Harley's.

    I have also confirmed my reasons though for not owning one!

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    Just to let you know I typed Harley with a H but Deej has the Forum set to change the H to an F.

    My point further stated


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      I'm going to draw a long bow here Chook, and I know you and I think a loot alike.

      Jap. or sportsbike riders, myself included tend to ignore or "be rude" to h-arley riders usually cause of the reception you normally get from the riders.

      Like all stereotypes (gee i'm drawing a long bow here) they tend to be based in fact and if you didn't get ignored by the fringe jacket wearing midlife crisis h-arley riders, or intimidated by the GBH and horse roid bikie h-arley riders then you might be inclined to say hi.

      I wouldn't ride one as that's not my cup of tea, but hey, if you do ride a h-arley and you want to cruise with the boys, more the merrier.

      H-arlies do have that bikie, i'm going to chop off your thumbs feel about them...


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        Great reply Melkor.

        I probably didn't fully explain myself.

        I understand and realise the Harley Riders give the same response back but thats my point.

        Whats the point in anyone ignoring or being rude to anyone.

        I just got to see it from the other side over the weekend. Quite an interesting experience.

        Interesting point, came across a Booze Bus! Cars etc were pulled in, there was room for me to be pulled in but I think the noise and sound of the bike must of intimated the rookie cop as she waved me on! Cracked me up.

        You see the same thing on the trains, the railway security are quick to give joe blow a fine for no ticket but they don't even ask the aboriginals.

        They obviously don't want to deal with the hassle and paperwork!


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          hey madmax - you didnt 'chew the fat' the other night after hours. Bought the mrs down to drool over a new blade in the window but looks as though the might all be parked out the back these days. Not that I toally blame you, I'm not always fond of talking to customers after hours either. Even if I am still at work.


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            Re: Any given Fartly...

            Ask yourself this question.

            1. Have you ever ridden a Fartly. And ridden I mean ridden. Nice long windy country road etc.
            Yes and I enjoyed it. In fact if money was no object I'd have one in the garage next to the CBR and whatever the latest and greatest hypersport was at the time.... Unfortunately money is a factor so the CBR will have to be my only bike for now..... (if only it was in the same country as me )
            I don't normally bag Harleys, but some of the people who ride them have big targets on their foreheads... I was in Chiang Mai last weekend and it happened to be the annual Chiang Mai bike week. While not specifically an event for Harleys, they were everywhere. I have never witnessed a bigger bunch of posing tossers in all my life. Riding to them seems to be: 1. Dress in Harley gear - as much as you can find, 2. Ride to the pub and make a big scene out of parking it out the front - blip the throttle at least every five seconds while you're doing it just in case someone hasn't noticed you 3. Stand at the window with your other pudding helmeted mates and stare at the bikes you just arrived on 4. Making as much noise as you can, ride to the next pub and repeat. Stereotype is not a stong enough word. Some of the bikes were sweet though

            What I did find funny was the fact that quite a few of them were on the same flight as me back to Bangkok (still dressed in the Harley gear). I can only assume that the bikes were making the trip on a truck. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but not many self-respecting sports bike riders would have chosen to FLY to bike week. I would have thought that riding there was the whole point!!!
            M o r g z


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              yeah chook i see it all the time but the same goes when a sports bike rider waves to some cruiser ive never seen them wave back not even a nod.. :o we are all stereotyped as being snobs/up ones self anyhow nothing will ever change
              I am Dyslexia of Borg. Prepare to have your arse laminated.


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                blah blah blah....

                sport bike riders dont like harley's, and harley riders dont like sport bike riders..PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!

                and I, have NO desire to ride one!!



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                  Drawing an even longer bow than Melkor………..if I were to meet someone today wearing black denim jeans, DB’s, a mullet, and wearing a black singlet with the words printed on it - “I don’t have a drinking problem, I drink, I get pissed, I fall down…. No problem”, has a gruff intimidating persona and never smiles….. the chances are that he is not someone that I would personally want to get to know and or see myself hanging with.

                  Now, this person could be a great bloke, be honest, loyal, have integrity, be supportive & encouraging, have well earned life success, be respectful and respected, be driven, unselfish, have humility, would go thru a door you just kicked in and be right behind you, would put his life before yours……… but I recon I’v been on this earth long enough and got to know that 99% of the time, my first impressions have never proved me wrong and the chances are this bloke aint guna be someone I wana hang with.

                  Dus this mean that the guy with the Dolce Pants and Polo shirt will have?…. Hell no. But what I am trying to say, and I’m being very general here, is the image someone naturally adopts and their attitude give a good kick start indication on what lies beneath.

                  Now of course, that H-arley rider could be a good bloke who possesses great qualities and character that just so happens to work in a motorbike shop, has an inkling to ride an offensive, noisy, unsafe & unreliable bike, just so he can see what its like to satisfy curiosity – but odds are…. It aint.

                  Now u can think ‘fuck Deej that’s a bit harsh’ but stereotyping is something we all do daily. It comes naturally no matter how much we try to ignore it, it is a part of human survival. We all pat Labradors and get down on our knees and go “ohhh come here doggy woggy” but do u do that to a Pitt Bull? We all like/d banging slutty women but did you/would you marry one? The majority of times I have seen H-arley riders they have been intentionally inconsiderate, unsafe, look unapproachable and have disregard to other people. Unfortunately, I am one of those people that are guilty of sticking them in the “not interested in meeting” category. There will be thousands that Im sure would be top blokes that I will never get to meet, but just like patting the Pitt Bull….. I’ll keep my distance until proven wrong.

                  Chicken and Egg. What came first, the H-arley rider that smiled and said hi to the sport bike rider ..... or the sport bike rider that said hi to the H-arley!

                  Anyway, this is all beside the point. We all know that you should'nt have parked in Scarbs anyway Madmax, cant you read the sign!

                  So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                    yeah fartley's do get frowned upon by sport riders..... but i like em just wouldn't own one..... take one for aride if i had the chance just to see what the fuss is about but thats about it >>>>
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                      Oyyy... and Madmax.... since when did H-arleys become safe enough for you to do away with a full face lid? Hmm? Tut tut.... *shakes finger*

                      So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                        Point taken, I now have one very sun burnt nose.

                        But the best thing about riding a Harley, no need to go to a gym. Everyone knows chicks dig Fatboys.


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                          hey madmax, do you think if you had of turned up on an 883(questions numbering?) harley sportster in full leathers and a full face helmet people would have come over to see wat up :?: i recon.
                          and not to sure on how seriously you boys are on this, let me know next time you see me! but when you sat on that harley and put on an open faced helmet with a three day growth you did complete the bad boy image you wanted hence the response
                          let it be i say, but if i saw one involved in a prang i would stop to offer assistance like i would for any other motorcyclist, unlike the loosers on yamaharley's that rode past calvin and myself while our mate aza laid motionless on the side of the road, 3 cars stopped to help and give us water, towles etc and to let us know their on their way home up the road to call for help :!:
                          wat up wid dat :evil: :?:


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                            Well I think in general bike rider etiquette has suffered recently... Our numbers are growing quite nicely but I think a fair few riders are not being taught to nod etc to other riders. Shit first ride I ever had on the road and my buddy said, NOW when you go past another bike rider you will nod!

                            I for one always nod if I see a bike.. and shit I don't miss many bikes.

                            As for harley riders, well I have waved & nodded to a few, but since the only time I ever received acknowledgement was when Coffin cheeters where up from Melbourne, I gave up. They all waved.. perhaps thats still enforced over there

                            In return, when I acknowledge another bike I often get strange/dirty looks coz people at first don't realise what my bike is and assume I ride a ducati or buel or some such.. When I had fairings I had more recognition.. Seems that old school lights are associated with Harleys which in turn are associated with bikies.. With bikies I have the attitude: l I leave them alone they leave me alone.
                            Will you insure me?!


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                              yes this is a bit off topic but ive never seen that before and I think its gold

                              I mean no distrespect to H-arley rides however It's just funny, thats all.