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  • Stolen

    Me cbr got ripped off last night ... Dirty act !!! It's a Crb 600 , 99 .
    Got taken From canningvale . It's the yellow an greeny colour with a black rear end,
    It's got skull screws on the plates an on gum tree as stolen,
    Need help guys an girls anyone see it please get a hold of the cops in canningvale an give em the heads up.
    Also LED turn signals cbr grips an polished bits all over it . Tinted front screen the ultra light model.
    I'm bloody spewing .....
    So if any one has seen a bike on the back of a ute or trailer last night give us the heads up .
    Also they took me young boys pushy .
    His more upset about not going out on the cbr anymore tho so if you seem or know anything about anything help us out cheers .
    Rubber side down an safe ridding

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    sorry to hear, but they don't usually come back in very good condition if they do, I suggest checking out the For Sale section and start looking for you replacement for when the Insurance cheque comes in


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      Seriously that sux, good luck getting your ride back in one piece!


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        sorry to hear it bud, hope you either get it back un molested, or never see it again and get looked after by mr insurance!



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          what section of Canningvale? i'm just a bit paranoid after finding my garage door lifted up a couple weeks back.
          B19 Oakford V.B.F.S


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            Sorry for the lossof both bikes, hope the judge gives them a hard time. Put pressure on the MP to address this


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              Man eyes out hey , I'm just up across the lights from the lakers .
              Iv been on to all thos around me an everyone's out with big sticks looking for the next thief .