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  • Free Customized Screensaver

    Here is a link to my Brother in laws website where you can download a free screen saver where you can add your own images and change the transitions, speed and the like. Not bad for an amateur. David rides a ZZR600 with 79000kms on the clock.
    On the website i'm driving the airborne Subaru.

    It has a range of transitions and you can choose to display your images in order, random, your order and then customize the transitions to suite, again random, your selection etc or you select a certain transition to match a certain image.

    You can also set it to play your favourite music while your images are being shown. You can set it to shut down your computer, have it running in a small window while you work ( which is what I do ).

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    Hey, I downloaded this on the weekend. Its fantastic. My bike neva looked soooo good. Gonna take it work too. I like the little feature where you can have it running in a small window while you work.

    I'd recommend it.
    Thanks for the tip off