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Show us your bikes you have had over the years!!

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  • Show us your bikes you have had over the years!!

    Just flicking through some old photo's of some bikes I have owned, thought it would be a good idea for every one to post some pictures so we can have a look at some different styles and colours etc, So here are some pictures over the last 4 years! 8)

    My 1996 ZX9, still the longest bike I have owned, reliable and comfortable.

    One of my best! good for every thing!!

    Liked it that much I change the colour, too many blue ones around.

    The worst bike I have owned, most trucks handle better then the TRL.

    Very good handling bike, very expensive to service, very unreliable.

    So much power and so little brakes - stupid, not my cup of tea!

    Should not of sold it!!

    Just finished polishing the wheels! looks good.

    The CBR in stock trim!!

    Now show us some pic's of the bikes you have owned, as you can see be my Pic's, I have no prefered brand, just what's good at the time.

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    only the last 3 of ya pics work calvin

    here's mine

    Shouldn't have lent it

    Looks a bit different now but still very happy with it


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      Your bike pictures must be prior to 5 days old :oops: hahahahaha

      All photo's show up for me :?


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        Nice thread Calvin!

        My Aprilia RS125:

        My Ducati 748SP:


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          dont work calvin
          Nick :twisted:


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            Yeah only 3 work Calvin, i cant post pics ??? How does that happen short of sending them to someone else to post for me ??? ......
            Dale Britton MotorCycles: 5/115
            Albany Hwy, Vic Park, Ph: 9470-1234 ...

            Kim Britton Kawasaki: 91 Dixon Rd, Rockingham, Ph: 9592-1113 ...


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              Yeah only 3 work Calvin, i cant post pics ??? How does that happen short of sending them to someone else to post for me ??? ......
              Go to FAQ and you will see a post done by Deej, "How to post Pictures" give that ago!!

              Hey Nick7 dont know why you can not see photo's i can see them!! May Campo or Deej can answer that one! 8)


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                1995 ZZR 600

                1998 XR 400

                2000 zx-12r

                2003 gsx-r1000

                and finally next bike

                2003 gsx-r1000


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                  So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                    Here's a couple of pics of some of the bikes Ive owned from the time I was 15 to 21 (now).

                    This is a pic of my 1995 Honda XL185 that I bought when I was 15 and had for 3 days unitl my mum found out I'd bought it They blokes at the shop let me sign the contract even though I was WAY underage! Crashed it 4 times and only lost $200 when I had to take it back, hehe.

                    This is my 1995 DT 175. It only took me 3 months to break my ulna and radius(the two main bones from your elbow to wrist) in half and fracture a bone in my wrist *Note to self:dont hit Blackboy bushes when landing jumps*

                    This is my 1994 CR250 that I had for two years. It was an awesome machine and yet again...only took my 3 months to chip and fracture the right-hand side of my pelvis Still...I had fun!

                    This is my 2001 KTM 400EXC that I owned for 3 months before it got boring (not enough power).

                    This is my current bike and my favourite so far (1997 GSXR600)


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                      My 250, this isnt actually it but was very similar

                      open class came along and i went to the r6

                      traded up to a 750

                      then to a motocrosser was very similar but an 01 i think...

                      and now back to a road bike, i love this one!

                      all i need to be happy now is a minimoto!



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               turn... i have varied taste, i wanna own everything

                        ill just start with my BIG bikes... wont bore u with my busted ass collection of scooter's and 250 dirt bikes...

                        the mighty FJ!!... great first bike...88 model, 56,000 genuine k's on da clock... been in my family since new...

                        traded the fj in for a 97 YZF1000R Thunderace...wanted something comfortable... with more ball's...and better handling... she was written off 17 days after purchasing, due to bad sprokets and massive LOOPAGE!! :shock:

                        the insurrance paid for a slightly older ZX9... minus excess yadda yadda..

                        Then i needed a change...and as you all know..i love my thats what i did.. and found the bike to be a hell of alot more fun! YAY me

                        the ninja saw its fate only a few months ago... and ive been without a bike for a little while... BUT last week..i received a sms from our man Shoxer telling me he wanted me to take over fatherhood of his i gladly agreed (even tho its broken at the moment, and will be online again real soon).. heres what she USED to look like PS- she'll be a streetfighter soon too

                        AND im spent



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                          8) Nice Bikes people 8)

                          Comon people, there's over 400 members, pull ya fingers out and post some pictures!!! 8)


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                            This was my first bike in Australia,cheap"n"nasty to get my licence...
                            But how funny was it when I beat cages of the line on this.....

                            My first big bike,great for learning the ropes,lots of power but would never lift the front end.

                            Bought this to help a mate who was selling up and going o/seas ended up tidying her up and making some decent cash

                            My current bike in the house just to piss off the wife , hehehe


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                              My Dad's the best, he is so clever coz he figured out all this internet stuff and he is always fixing my bike everytime I break it .....

                              Oh and his pics are because I couldn't be bothered resizing them for him


                              (go on, moderate me!! i know u wanna try it)