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"Why motorcyclists are stupid pussies..." - The Fr

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  • "Why motorcyclists are stupid pussies..." - The Fr

    Hey maybe some of us might want to email this guy...

    take a look at the link, have a read... There is an email part at bottom of page!!
    What a F%$KER!! :evil:

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    you hold him down, ill get my bit of 2"x4"



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      ka-bar or crowbar fukwit ?
      Some say he eats sidchrome for breakfast

      Some say he only showers on even days of the week

      Some say he put an R1 motor in a coffee machine

      All we know is he's Hewie.


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        Looks like a bad case of SMS (small man syndrome) to me...... and I hope I don't "wreak" next time I go for a ride. I know, I know, it's a spelling flame but the rest of it is too easy to bag.... I mean "Once a biker starts losing control the pussies lay down the bike and slide on it's side instead of fighting for recovery of control like cars do." Yeah right, like laying the bike down would be my first option. Besides, "Stupid pussies"? Oh, you beatch
        M o r g z


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          what a tosspot.

          Already e-mailed him....after i had a look at the rest of the posts or whatever it is.

          dont want to know what i said. :?


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            Just goes to show that there are real dicks out there hey people!

            Hey yank, let me know if that nob gets back to you... Now how to find this "The Freak's" address....

            It's a shame when a reject from the gene pool gets away isn't it? Throw me that 2x4 TRX so we can fix natures mistake


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              The Freak: 2. Once a biker starts losing control the pussies lay down the bike and slide on it's side instead of fighting for recovery of control like cars do

              I wanna get him on an R1 or Gixxer Thou... or even a scooter... in the wet, with perfect tyres and see if the pole smokin lil bitch can fight back for control when he loses it....

              and if he does, then just tell him to park it, then proceed with TRX's plank to his head....

              (P.S. i dont know bout u guys, but i dont like this person)


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                :roll: hahaha i bet he was leader of the debating team in High school, stupid fuckstick can't even string a sentence together.

                rule of thumb never take anyone seriously if they have a giant atlas pined to the wall.
                I am Dyslexia of Borg. Prepare to have your arse laminated.


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                  maybe he is only refering to Harley riders

                  oh maybe not coz he did mention not enough metal arround them


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                    FYI my E-mail to him. Everyone join in send him one. :evil:

                    The most powerful thing you've had in between your legs is your boyfriends Dildo. Real men ride bikes fuckwit. Your point of veiw is obviously from the point of veiw of a protezoa. Crawl back down the alley you came from and i will line you up with my bike on the back wheel and we will see who will lay down like a pussy in their own Piss. By the look of your Photo your Mumma was obviously a half chewed pastie. Your dad fits right in on his new TV show (Queer eye for the staight Guy). Just like your home page says "where science meets the surreal" you should have got out of Chernobyl while the radiation was still low. Next time your freak show circus act comes to Perth Western Australia send me an email i have a few people who would really like to meet you!


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                      got a funny feeling that he wont be getting back to me.... unless it's a string of abouse for what i said. I think what i said was fairly extreme.

                      Deserved every word of it.....
                      does anyone know where he lives.... usa, aus??? if he is american he is a discrase.

                      WE ALL ARENT LIKE THAT :?


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                        you should have used the "your mumma" calls!


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                          you should have used the \"your mumma\" calls!  

                          I wouldn't have a go at anything that shares his DNA.


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                            ok, fair enough. ill give that to you....


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                              He must be jealous of people who ride since his riced-up Mazda 121 got flogged by a scooter