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Xenon Lights HID lights for 2013 Gixxer 600?

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  • Xenon Lights HID lights for 2013 Gixxer 600?

    Does anyone know where in Perth could I get these lights installed on my 2013 Gixxer 600 and how uh wouldn't costs?

    does any one else's know where to get good deals on M4 GP exhaust in Perth?

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    Your best bet on the M4 would probably be from Motomummy in the states.. that's where I got mine from. I don't know if anyone in perth even sells them.
    Sign up to the forums, plenty of info on there about these bikes.


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      Installation of HIDs is relatively easy... M4 is popular in states, but not necessarily here, yoshi seems to be the way to go...
      Parts like hids better ex usa...
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        I got the m4 gp on my gixxer. As said above motomummy or stg


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          +1 for motomummy 11 day delivery from order for the m4 exhaust

          you could also try the PSB sponsor Superbike Toy Store
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