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    Can anyone tell me how to find out when there are bike cruises on, or tell me when the next one is?

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    There is a forum section called "in the loop" under motorcycle topics, the majority of rides and social events are mentioned there.

    Once you get to know some of the crew you'll find out about invite only rides too.

    Have fun
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      Cheers for that, I'm new to here and just starting to use this Site


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        There's a learner newby ride on tonight. These are a good way to meet some peeps.

        The pace is nice and cruisy as it caters for learners. If the pace is too slow then use the ride to meet some like-minded hoons and arrange your own rides with them.

        Otherwise there are often rides being posted up in the 'In the Loop' part of the forum, that tend to cater for a broad spectrum of different riders.

        Here's where you'll find info on tonight's ride: