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  • Accident

    Posting this for my mate gunner as he cant do it,
    On a VTR 250 at the lights on whitfords av and Wannaroo Road, he was hit by a gold hatch back, no plates, didnt catch model or describe driver.
    Rider is fine, seeking medical review incase, Bike is fine too.
    Police have been notified, and anyone who may have been in the whitfords area who saw a gold hatchback without rear plate around 2 ish~ with any other info, it would be appreciated, apart from that guys, ride safe.

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    On the facebook page Perth WA Crime Reports, there is a video posted earlier today of a gold hatchback that rammed another car and drove off..



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      wow that actually looks like the car that hit me, cant really make it out

      -Also beware and watch out in the area, from the looks of things they seem to be doing it on purpose, ride safe
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        Bike is fine besides that steering/throttle problem

        Hope you're all good [MENTION=30933]gunner[/MENTION] , and that this knobhead gets found.

        Look forward to seeing you back out on the road soon


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          cheers, was hoping he would knock the throttle and steering problem out and ill be back on the road sooner then you think hope all is well on your tour