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Black Dog Ride cheque presentation Melbourne 15.10.13

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  • Black Dog Ride cheque presentation Melbourne 15.10.13

    Thank you to those of you on PSB who donated to my ride to Alice Springs. Many of you were extremely generous and today Founder of Black Dog Ride Steve Andrews presented these funds to the beneficiaries LifeLine Australia who are building their on line Chat Service which is predominately accesses by young people in crisis.

    This generosity will allow 5,600 young people to get instant access to support.

    The other beneficiary is Mental Health First Aid Australia. Part of their fifty percent share is going to train a Black Dog Rider in every State and Territory to be a Mental Health First Aid Instructor. I have put in an application to be considered for this.

    The amount raised, and Mrs Lin my wife was at today's Melbourne presentation was an astounding $360,000!!!!
    Steve, she told me was quite emotional in handing this cheque to the beneficiaries as we all are at BDR today. Thank you to all who have supported us and also to those who may do so in the future.

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    Again, you should be proud of what you have achieved, Graeme

    I know I could not have done what you did.
    As I have said before, I am keen to help out in whatever capacity I can. Definitely your March 23 fundraiser
    It would be a privilege to be able to be involved.
    Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.


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      wow. great group effort.
      You can't *burrrp* can't just post, just post anything you feel like morty, you just *burrp* just end up *burrp* end up hurting people's feelings morty I mean how, how would you like it if I said things that offended you morty?


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        Congratulations [MENTION=10159]Graelin[/MENTION] and everybody else involved in the Black Dog ride.

        Magnificent effort and a great result.

        If only politicians put the same effort into genuinely helping the people who elect them rather than building worthless monuments to themselves and relying on unpaid volunteers to put the hard yards in.

        Without people like you, this and many other countries would be in deep shit.


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          Mental Health First Aid Thanks Black Dog Ride

          A link to Mental a Health First Aid Thanks to Black Dog Ride and provides info on the service.

          The great support from all on PSB who sponsored my ride helped achieve this, my thanks to you and your generous support of Depression and Suicide Prevention.

          I have completed the Mental a Health First Aid course and hope to soon do the Instructors course.

          MHFA Australia thanks Black Dog Ride


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            well done BDR team and especially to graeme and mrs lin for bringing it to psb attention....onya big fella


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              Fantastic work Graelin. I hope the charity continues to grow, and eagerly anticipate collecting my K1600 next year.