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Need help transporting broken down bike

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  • Need help transporting broken down bike

    Yesterday my bike decided to die on me after getting it a minor service just on Friday.
    I'm looking for someone who can help me transport it from my home in Ascot back to the mechanics at Motorcycle Masters in Kewdale.
    I don't know anybody with a trailer or pickup, so I'm coming here for help, so if anyone does and is willing to help, that would be great.
    Or any suggestions for cheap alternatives.
    ASAP is preferable but not direly necessary.

    I appreciate any response, thanks.

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    I can do it in about 90 minutes or so - 0408 007 430
    Originally posted by Skut
    ...the problem is that no-one wants to listen to an expert, just to have their own position/circumstance supported or be acknowledged.


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      Hope it's nothing too serious, I hate it when that sort of thing happens, usually not connected to anything that was worked on by the mechanic either.


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        Thanks go out to 51 New West, you really helped me out.

        Bike's back in the shop and will hopefully be running again today. Yeah its an old bike so I doubt the mechs were at fault.


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          Good to hear you weren't stranded for too long mate, hope it's a simple fix.
          Originally posted by boeman
          Well it wouldn't have been fair to have a beard, a hot young missus AND a nice bike, now would it?

          I mean fuck, im not a selfish cunt.
          Originally posted by Chuck Steak
          Well fuck off then. And wherever you decide to fuck off to, keep telling them Perth is a shithole - it may help minimise the number of fuckwits/arseholes (can’t decide which word is more appropriate ) that move here.