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Plastic welding, tank de-denting & paint job

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  • Plastic welding, tank de-denting & paint job

    I'm looking for someone, who can do the 3 above mentioned things on my lovely old girl.
    The little plastic triangle below the seat front was held by 3 plastic stumps in rubber lined holes, unfortunately only one of them is left...

    The tank got a dent in the top, as someone decided to sit on it....

    And repainting - all fairings and the tank. I'm happy to do preparation work, such as rust and paint removal, but I want a good end result and would leave the rest to someone with skills...

    Any suggestions who's doing a good job for any of these?

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    Straightline2ten Panel and Paint...

    He can definitely do all of that. The plastic welding one may be interesting, but he'd be able to do it if its possible.
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      +1 for potato.

      ...Maybe we should arrange a sticky in GBT for this sort of thing?
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        I'll send him a pm with a few more pics and see what the damage would be


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          Originally posted by robbo85 View Post
          I'll send him a pm with a few more pics and see what the damage would be
          bit hard to see the work thats needed from pics.

          any chance you could swing by? unit 4 / 6 cleveland st dianella

          i would be a month-ish before i could help though, there's a bit of a queue here

          thanks [MENTION=6799]BlackFZR[/MENTION] and [MENTION=21401]Loud[/MENTION]

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