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Help with my Ducati Hyper, please

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  • Help with my Ducati Hyper, please

    Hi hope someone can help me. My hyper has issues starting, originally I got clicking from the starter solenoid but after some gentle rocking back n forth in gear she would fire up,. Haven't ridden her for about 8 weeks, now only getting the clicking noise and no turn over. Have checked the battery, got 12.5 volts at the startmotor, also double checked battery with jumper leads from car, still nothing. Before I hav a go at pulling out the starter motor (so much a virgin there) can anyone offer any other advice or does this sound like the prob? Thanku so much in advance
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    check your voltage at the battery with the starter pressed, just sounds like the typical flat battery and i'd be looking at that before getting too complicated or throwing too many parts at it, the voltage may be there but lacking in grunt.

    as far as rocking in gear making a difference, engines generally stop in the same place each time, by rocking it partway through a stroke you may have been in a part of the stroke with less compression and required less current to get it kicking over, it's the getting turning from stopped that draws the most.

    what does your dash say for voltage? mine clicks if it gets down below 12.4 never had any luck with jump starting either.
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      8 weeks in cold weather without a battery trickle charger can definitely result in a low enough CCA drop that it won't crank over. Put the battery on charge overnight and see how it goes.

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        Mine is generally 12.2 and sometimes needs a couple of cycles when its really cold. The previous crap battery was around 11.9 and really struggled. I'd sometimes put it in gear and roll back so it sat just past compression. Seemed to give it a bit of a leg up when the battery was on its last legs.